Avoiding Prom Hair Holidays [Tips on How to Keep the Do Subdued]

Girl walks into holiday party. Immediately she’s the center of attention…and not for a good reason. She’s wearing an excessively-sequined dress, bright red lips AND smoky eyes, silver glitter platforms, Christmas tree earrings and hair as high as the chandelier with far too many clips, crimps and curls. We appreciate her effort, but girl take it back a notch!

The last thing we want to see is an explosion of holiday clichés on our usually polished friends at this year’s holiday gatherings; the impending recession’s depressing enough. While we may not hold sway on our friend’s fashion choices and can’t guarantee they buy the right lipstick, most girls will take hair advice willingly since we can all agree that sophisticated holiday hair styles are often difficult to find. Rather than breaking out every curling iron, styling balm and blow dryer in existence, we hope you heed some of these tips and hence add excitement to your hair without looking like you’ve revisited your high school yearbook.

Blow Styling Salon at 342 west 14th Street

“Too perfect hair screams ‘prom,'” says Christina Cipro, top stylist at Blow Styling Salon. “When the curls are too perfect and hair too symmetrical, the look can bring you back to high school. Tell your stylist to keep it loose or stick with a classic do (French twist, chignon, high ponytail).” According to Cipro, “beautiful and simple” is the way to go.

“But with all the holiday parties, you might want to change it up,” Cipro adds. “A low bun is an easy fix – you can wear it tight and sleek or a little messy. There are so many ways to make it your own. Add a pretty ribbon. Feathers are also big right now and look amazing in hair.”

We agree with her choice of feathers for this season. In fact, we advise you to get rid of any and all glittered hair accessory. Unless you’re 16, this just doesn’t fly – no pun intended. Fortunately, we have much classier alternatives these days and they won’t give others the impression that you are going through a quarter or mid-life crisis.

Fred Flare’s Deep Navy Feather Headband

The feathered headband is a favorite new hair accessory and is ripping through stores like a California wildfire. It comes in many variations and several designers have coined their own versions of it, but we’ve found one of the best to be sold at FredFlare.com. The website has great holiday gift ideas and also some items perfect for accessorizing your holiday outfit. The feather headband is a great example of an old classic revived; it’s suitable for all ages and can add the perfect touch to a simple but elegant cocktail dress.

L.A. hair stylist Rebecca Bacon

L.A. stylist Rebecca Bacon also backs the feathered look. Bacon suggests this for a holiday style: Smooth hair all over and pull pieces on the side forward. Then texturize ends with a product like Bacon’s Beach Bag Elixir by spraying fingertips and working into hair sections to create pieces. To finish off the look, bobby pin two feathers from ear to crown on one side.

But accessorizing is an easy trap to fall into during the holiday season. We must be careful not to overdo it, especially when it comes to hair. If hair accessories – particularly of the feathered persuasion – are not your thing, a simple blow-out is also a way to feel confident and chic at holiday events. Reminder: less is more. When it comes to dressing up hair, some people really should dress down.

Blow Beauty Bars interior

“We often forget the basics with all the tricks we have been told,” says Cipro. “Brushing your hair can totally transform your look. If you wear it tousled or shaggy, a few strokes of a good brush can make a world of difference in bringing you to a polished do.”

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