Avon Calling – The Salon & Spa at Trump Tower

Ok, I’ll admit it. I have a slight fascination with Britney Spears, but that is not the reason I had been wearing my hair in pigtails for the larger part of three months. With the exception of the bowl haircut I got back in the second grade, I considered my March haircut to be the worst haircut I ever received! It surpassed the horror that is the “Supercut” and even garnered the title of the “half Heather Locklear, half Richie Sambora” hairdo. Half straight, half wavy, and uneven in length to boot – the pigtails were my only saving grace! So when I met Michael at the Avon Salon & Spa, I had flashbacks to “Grease” – for I knew that he would be my guardian angel of hair and make everything right again.

Located in the Trump Tower Hotel on 5th Avenue and 57th Street (cue my flashbacks to “The Apprentice”), the Avon Salon is a bustling hub of activity. Granted, it was the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, and I was one of many people beautifying in preparation for the big weekend. I had a wedding to attend, and I was determined to look fantastic – after all, black-tie pigtails are only acceptable at the “MTV Movie Awards.”

Following a terrific scalp massage and shampoo, I was escorted to Michael, a Matt Damon look-alike. I proceeded to reveal the plight that was my hair (Michael agreed that it was atrocious), and we mutually decided to play it safe and simply rectify the situation – basically, Michael was going to even out the layers and the length as best he could and shape it in a way that was manageable enough to blow-dry. And that’s just what he did. Michael meticulously snipped away at my tresses, even asking me to stand up to make sure the hair fell in a straight line. He was also not withholding when it came to advice. Half teacher, half motivational speaker, he offered how-to demonstrations with regards to up-dos for the wedding and assured me that I could get the Japanese Straightening Perm for a second time on my highlighted hair and promised me that my hair wouldn’t fall out. He even referred me to his friend and trusted beautician, Mika at Manish Salon (212-755-2623). She does a fantastic job of the treatment at reasonable rates!

I was fully satisfied when Michael blow-dried my now symmetrical hairstyle to a silky, shiny, straight finish. But you can imagine my dismay upon seeing the torrential downpour that was taking place outside. Not having any time to waste and not wanting to ruin Michael’s miraculous work, I braved the rains sporting what Avon cutely calls, a hoodie, but what most of us refer to as a shower cap – yes, I wore a shower cap from 5th Avenue all the way to Madison. It seemed like the longest distance ever, but it was worth it. The reign of the pigtails was finally over!

A couple of weeks later, I was about due for a facial, and so I headed back to Avon, made a right at the elevators and explored the spa side of things. This spacious and serene environment with its delicate décor and pleasant harp music playing in the background is the kind of place fitting for a British or French accent. Though I was only getting a facial, I couldn’t help but strip down, put all of my clothes in my personal locker, and wrap myself up in the fluffy terry robe and slippers given to me. It’s recommended that you arrive early to take advantage of their oval-shaped waiting room. The aromatherapy candles, ice water with floating strawberries, and cushiony seats instantly put you at ease. They had to wake me up to get me into the treatment room.

Avon is a full-service spa, offering specialized treatments ranging from personal yoga sessions to an Anti-stress Intensive Oxygen Facial. You can get your eyebrows professionally shaped by Eliza, indulge in a detoxifying seaweed body wrap, or prep your nails and makeup for that special event.

I was to have a personalized facial that lasted 50 minutes in duration. Though Sasha, my facialist, did not apply countless masks like other facialists do, I nevertheless saw immediate results. While my pores were being steamed open, Sasha gave me an incredibly relaxing and delicate neck, shoulder, hand and face massage using Avon products made for my particular skin needs. Her fingers quickly moved over my face in a rippling motion allowing the moisturizers and cleansers to be fully absorbed into the skin. After the painful but necessary extraction of blemishes segment of the facial was complete, Sasha left me with my moisturized hands encased in heated gloves and with a cleansing mask to harden on my face. There was definitely a part of me that was disappointed when Sasha returned, rinsed off my mask with hot towels and told me the facial was over, but I made my way back to the waiting room for one more glass of refreshing water and took my time getting dressed. I felt great.

I practically floated back into the loud, hectic streets of NYC where ironically, it was pouring rain again. But I was refreshed, revived, and my skin was glowing – not to mention the fact that I wasn’t leaving Trump Tower after hearing the dreaded words, “You’re fired.” For more information on Avon, go to https://www.trumphotels.com/spa

Trump Tower
725 Fifth Avenue
NYC 10022

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