Awaken a Magnificent Mane

Therapeutic products sprayed onto one’s hair or scalp after shampooing and conditioning can often leave it feeling limp, greasy, or heavily coated. Awakening Mist™ scalp tonic by Kintsugi is a magnificent exception to the rule. It was love at first spray!

Spray. Soothe. Silken. The light and airy Awakening Mist™ won’t weigh down your hair as it nurtures and stimulates your scalp. It was created to encourage healthy hair growth by treating the scalp with patented molecules, keratin amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, nettle, ginseng root extract, chamomile flower extracts, and other premium ingredients.

I haven’t used Kintsugi long enough to know if it will provide any significant long-term benefits in terms of hair growth. However, I’ve witnessed a difference in how much better my hair looks after I’ve sprayed and massaged the soothing Awakening Mist scalp tonic into my scalp. I appreciate that it doesn’t leave my scalp or hair feeling greasy or saturated with product and it smells great.

There are so many positives to using this product that it has become an indispensable “essential” in my minimalist haircare regimen. If I had to choose only one haircare product to bring with me to a desert island, Awakening Mist would be it.


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