Banging New Hair Line Corners a Social-Savvy, Artist-Friendly Market

One of the things that professional makeup artists love about MAC cosmetics is the company’s appreciation for the artistry behind the craft. Makeup is not just about covering things up or making people look like unrecognizable versions of themselves. It’s an art that deserves as much credence as any other art form, and MAC gives it that respect.

I view the approach of Bangstyle, a new hair care line inspired by and created by LA-based hair stylists and artists, as similar. Bangstyle’s range of independently produced hair care products were developed in the hopes to give individuals the inspiration to create their own unique look with a variety of specially formulated, no-nonsense products. The line of 14 professional, high performance products boast a color safe formula free of parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride; and, being that they come from Cali, they all contain sunscreen to protect hair, and product, from UV damage. More importantly, they all were developed with an attention to detail and appreciation for the potential art forms that hair artists create on their clients with the help of good products.

But the Bangstyle brand reaches beyond the bounds of prettily packaged products that help stylist create even prettier hairstyles. The company wants to represent a culture and lifestyle around hairstyling, so it has created an online community to foster that goal. Its website, is a fast growing hair and culture community, propelled by its photo-sharing App where stylists can shoot and share the latest from their own chairs. App users can browse recently posted articles, upload pictures and locate the nearest Bangstyle salon. The interactive element allows stylists to share and store their work, creating portfolios for their clients and other users to explore in real time. It’s a very clever alternative to magazines and a bit more in line with modern-day smartphone-attached-to-hip habits from consumers. Users can easily browse thousands of hairstyles, select favorites, and create a personalized portfolio on their phones.

The line includes a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, smoothing shampoo and conditioner, and volumizing shampoo and conditioner. The hydrating line uses Keratin Amino acids and avocado oil and shea butter. The Smoothing line has silicones that add shine and keep hair smooth. The volumizing line is all about weightlessness, with mango seed butter and wheat protein in its conditioner.

Styling products include a no-flake hold gel, a strong hold clay with bentonite and kaolin and a thickening fiber gel that contains invisible rayon fibers to increase body; among a few other awesome styling products. All of them share a beachy, fresh scent that can’t help remind you of California sunsets, sun-filled brunches and Ray-Ban clouded oases.

To find out where you can get the full line and to get involved in all the app-happy fun of Bangstyle’s hip brand, just visit

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