Have a Spare 10 Seconds? Banish Gray Roots.

Gray Away offers something nearly magical for those times when you’re swamped and can’t get to the salon: it makes your gray roots disappear in 10 to 30 seconds – as though a fairy godmother whisked in and effortlessly solved your hair problem. To cap it off, the color is rich and lustrous.

Gray Away 1

Everpro’s Gray Away is a simple and fast solution for a quick touch-up, and it’s easy on the wallet too. Simply apply to dry hair and Voila!, you’re ready for everything. Gray Away works on darker hair — medium brown to black – and washes out with regular shampooing. It doesn’t contain dyes, ammonia or peroxide, and it won’t flake on you. Since there’s no mix, there’s no mess; Gray Away contains mineral pigments.

Self-adjusting color technology matches every dark-hued hair color, and it’s even sweat-resistant for working out. Each bottle offers 40 applications, so you’ll have plenty to tide you over for wedding, family reunion and vacation season this summer, but pack a couple for the road. It also covers areas where hair is thinning, which is a godsend for many women. Check out this 30-second video of how it works:

Find Gray Away at Ulta.com, Walgreens, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, and http://www.grayaway.com + http://www.everprohaircare.com, where you can have it shipped straight to your door (free shipping with 2 or more).

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