Bicoastal Beauty: Prive Salon Serves BN’s Two Major Cities, our beloved Big Apple and our new sister in LA

To celebrate BN’s big move of branching out to LA, we’re covering Prive Salons this month because they are located in our hometown and our sister publication’s. Both were founded by Hollywood hair master Laurent Dufourg, a French native who also own two namesake salons in Europe. He has an international following and cutting-edge hair techniques that have had a strong style impact on all of his salons and many big-name celebs. He has also developed his own line of luxurious hair care products, Prive formulae aux herbes, which incorporate a unique herbal blend ingredients. This month Kathryn Holl checked out Prive in Soho, so first we’ll give you the rundown on how it went. Then we’ll let our new friends in LA know what they can expect from their salon, which (just to give you a brief preview) includes a beautiful space, superstar cuts and color and plenty of celebrity sightings…

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[b]Prive Salon NYC: A Solid Cut In Soho[/b] On a Friday night after a long and stressful workweek, happy hour sounds more inviting then a haircut. But I was optimistic as I made my way downtown to Prive Salon (310 West Broadway) located right next to the Soho Grand. The first thing I noticed, not surprisingly, was the large majority of male clientele. The salon’s décor, which works to the comfort of both sexes, also attracted my attention as it invites a cool feeling that is very unpredictable. After dressing in my robe I was pleased to have someone offer me a skim cappuccino. I’ve had unsweetened iced tea and diet coke provided to me before, but a beverage such as this one seems to add an elevated sense of superior customer service. My favorite part of any haircut is the shampoo, and as I made my way to the wash area, I felt as if I was stepping into a Mediterrean spa. Surrounded by deep blue tiles reminiscent of the ocean, I sat back in the reclining leather chair and prepared for my shampoo. Let me advise you that if you decide to visit Prive, make sure you have Kazy wash your hair – the man’s hands are magic!

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I had the pleasure of having my hair cut by Irene, a seven-year veteran of Prive Salon. She informed me about the staff of 20 stylists and colorists, all of equal strength and all of whom use Prive’s own line of products, which smell absolutely fantastic! They smell so good to me that I think the salon could most likely market them as a fragrance as well. At first I was surprised that they did not use any other well-known products from the consumer hair market, but after seeing the results from the weightless volumizer and root amplifier, I was a believer. As any respectable and knowledgeable stylist would recommend, Irene couldn’t express the importance of deep conditioning enough, “I tell them, ladies, if you process or color your hair, you need to use an intensive conditioning mask.” One thing Irene told me that I hadn’t heard before is that men with curly hair also fall into the category of requiring deep conditioning, and a salon with this many male customers must know a thing or two about how to take care of their hair.

At Prive, many customers pop in for a quick blow-out or “blow-do,” as the stylists like to refer to it. I would recommend this salon for traditionalists as well as those looking for an edgier cut. Looking around, I caught a glimpse of women having their long, flowing locks curled to perfection and men receiving short, precise cuts. I also noticed a glass or two of red wine being passed around, so maybe you don’t have to miss out on happy hour to get your hair trimmed!

Prive Salon NYC
310 W. Broadway

[b]Prive Salon LA: Superstar Styling That Serves All[/b] What makes a salon succeed in the City of Angeles? Celeb clientele is a crucial element (as so many people would love to say that they have their ‘dos done by a stylist that’s also designed the signature lock looks of superstars like Teri Hatcher, Charlize Theron, Johnny Deep and Val Kilmer), but it is indiscriminately great service for all that really sells. Prive LA’s comfortable surroundings feature contemporary décor highlighted by dark African wenge wood and maple pomele wood cabinetry set against white marble countertops and a brick-walled background.

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It’s a full-service salon with a menu that includes cuts, color, color corrections, highlights, scalp and moisturizing treatments, Japanese thermal reconditioning, up-do’s, blow-dries, makeup applications, lip/brow waxing and lash/brow tinting. Only Prive hair products are used and sold at the salon, in addition several chic accessory lines are available for purchase as well including Rafe, Ficarre, Diane Yang and Red Monkey. Manicures and pedicures are available upstairs at Ona Spa, along with a number of other relaxing spa services. At the rear of the 2,500-square-foot salon space is the Tantara Tea Bar & Restaurant. It offers wide array of refreshments to indulge in, which makes spending a day at the salon even easier and even more enticing.

There are 16 expert stylists and 7 colorists to choose from at Prive LA for all of your hair care needs. The salon is open every day from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM, except on Sunday when the hours shift from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. An additional perk that our friends in LA will be happy about? Valet parking! It makes any road rage and traffic trauma a thing of the past.

Prive Salon LA
7373 Beverly Blvd.

(Stefanie Schwalb also contributed to this article)

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