Blown Away by Blowpro

I’ll be the first to admit that when it came to hairdryers I thought they were all one in the same. However, I was fortunate enough to get my hands and strands on Blowpro’s Titanium Dryer and styling products and my outlook on dryers has been forever changed.

The first thing I noticed when using the dryer was that my dry time was almost cut in half (just so you’re aware I have thick unruly hair thanks in part to inheriting and happily embracing my mother’s Italian genes, so this was already a major accomplishment). Aside from the dry time, the dryer’s titanium technology insured that the heat was distributed evenly over my hair to prevent heat damage. I also noticed that the nozzle lit up when the dryer was on, while I thought this was just a cool feature I actually looked further into it and found that the 6 LED lights are part of the Pure Air Technology which decreases bacteria and buildup in the dryer making sure that you are always receiving the best airflow and quality.

While the dryer itself is amazing, I was still curious to see how much of a difference the styling products would make. The first product I tried was the Ready, Set, Blow blow dry lotion. A small amount of this applied to wet hair not only sped up the dry time but it helped leave behind a smooth, frizz-free finish. My hair felt silky and smooth and never weighed down or flat. The next products I tried were the Textstyle Dry texture spray and Blow Out Spray non-stick hairspray. These two products I was most excited about since I have a short & choppy lob hairstyle and the more texture and tousle the better. Both of these smelled great and delivered straight from the salon results. My hair never felt crunchy or matted down it stayed piece-y and volumized. The last product was the Weather Girl anti-frizz serum. This lightweight serum looks kind of like an oil but isn’t oily at all and when applied to my finished blowout left behind a healthy shiny finish that lasted on even the most humid of NYC days.

Basically, prior to trying out Blowpro I was an avid air-dry hair type of person. I never felt like drying my hair to only be left looking like a mix between Hagrid and Cousin It….on a good day. Now, I see myself reaching for my hair dryer and styling products every time I get out of the shower. Maybe it’s because I finally know what I’m doing or maybe it’s because the dryer and products leave me with such amazing results who knows, but I do know I can confidently say that my Blowpro dryer is one of my most coveted beauty tools to date and I’m never settling for a below average dryer again!

Blowpro products are available at:
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