Bridal Hair Reinvented:
Renowned Stylists Reveal their Secrets for Your ‘Big Day’

You’ve found the perfect man. You’ve planned the perfect day. All you need now is perfect hair. With so many wedding styles to choose from, perfection can seem unattainable, and often is. So we at BeautyNewsNYC opt for the alternative: a beautiful hairstyle that makes you feel perfect, whether your big day is or not. Renowned stylists from both the east and west coasts told BN a few things that brides should remember when planning hair.

Oliver Ifergan’s salon in Los Angeles treats luxury like a requirement, not an added bonus. Ifergan’s salon is like a mod-boutique hotel – a perfect spot for the hip, stylish, very-now sort of bride.

In New York, Valencia, Spain native Antonio Prieto, recently celebrated 25 years of making waves (no pun intended) in the hair industry. Both Ifergan and Prieto talked to BN about what could be the most difficult to plan but highly anticipated hair day in a woman’s life. Here, they’ve given us some helpful tips that will leave guests gasping as you walk down that aisle to the altar.

No More Straight Hair Though it’s an impeccably tasteful style – certainly perfect for any corporate function – the stylists agree that straight hair is not nearly as romantic as some waves. Both Ifergan and Prieto prefer hair with some gentle curls, especially for summer weddings.

“Soft waves are very trendy; no more straight hair!” said Ifergan. “For shoulder length-hair, wide waves are so romantic. Also a bun at the back gives a fresh look to your overall look.

Chic Chignons For anyone who feels that they don’t look their best with waves Ifergan notes that “a bun at the back gives a fresh look to your overall look.” Meanwhile Prieto remarked that a low chignon is a style that “works for everyone” and is always classic and elegant.

A messier, romantic chignon look is hot this season

Experiment Prieto notes that anything untraditional can be really fun and suggests that brides draw inspiration from fashion as well as bridal magazines. He also loves creative accent pieces such as flowers combs and feathers.

“I once did a bride who wanted to go against the grain in terms of her bridal style,” said Prieto. “The untraditional bride is usually fun because the hair can be pulled back with ribbons of hair moving around the head or creative accent pieces like flowers, combs, feathers, etc.”

Think Outside the Updo If you don’t want to leave your hair down consider a half updo. They’re a clean, summery take on a classic bridal style. Ifergan notes that “it won’t look too different from the way you typically wear your hair,” which is wonderful for guests who want to see you at your best (while still being able to recognize you). Prieto also notes that many women have been requesting their hair down and pulled back on top; a style which has a very “hippie/greek goddess feel,” he said.

“I had this girl with very long straight hair, and refused to wear an up-do,” said Ifergan. “So we designed for her a half-up-do, similar to Carrie Underwood’s style (above) with side parting and middle sized waves on the back; a very romantic look and with or without a veil her hair looked fantastic.”

Go Long Prieto notes that hair extensions are a fabulous way to try a style that makes you feel fabulous and memorable on your wedding day. With affordable options, extensions are no longer out of the question, even for the everyday bride.

“Experiment with extensions,” he says. “They can be great to add volume, texture, length.”

Remember the veil. While Ifergan remarks that a half updo will look perfect “with or without a veil” not all styles will be so versatile. Consult with your hair stylist about the veil to avoid any nasty surprises.

Prepare Beforehand Though it’s no doubt a busy time Prieto remarks that you can help your stylist immensely by getting conditioning treatments and having any cut or color treatments done at least two weeks in advance of the big day to allow for minor adjustments.

“Aspire to look like yourself…only better!” said Prieto. “Get your hair prepared for your big day by getting regular deep conditioning treatments. Tear out pictures of hairstyles that you love (side, front, back views) and schedule a trial with a bridal specialist at least one month before the big day. Bring your ideas and pictures to the table. It’s not often that you can find the perfect hairstyle in one picture.”

Our experts’ opinions are here to inspire and help you plan the most perfect day, so refer to them frequently – particularly when the countdown begins and the stress starts to heighten. Of course every bride is beautiful on her wedding day – but with tips from professionals like Ifergan and Prieto on hand, it might be just a little harder to forget that.

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