Bring On The Sun: Soleil by Kerastase*


Away with summertime naysayers! And phooey to those experts who would have you hide indoors for three months to “save” your beauty. Your great looks are not going anywhere but up, provided you take care of yourself – and that includes all the healthy benefits of fresh air, exercise, and yes, even the sun. Taken in moderation, and with topical protection from UV rays, the sun is your ultimate beauty ally. And for beautiful hair in the NYC heat, Beauty News recommends the sexy and utterly elegant Soleil products by Kerastase.

Kerastase is a name synonymous with “exclusive,” having limited the distribution of its advanced and intensive products to 1,000 salons and spas in the U.S. (only those considered to offer the absolute highest level of personalized service), and offering some of the most scientifically advanced hair products available. Kerastase was the first line to incorporate sun protection into hair products, and Soleil by Kerastase features this protection, while playing up all the fun of sun-kissed hair.

Soleil is designed as a three-step treatment for hair: Protection, Repair and Enhancement. But these are three steps are a breeze, and can be interchanged depending on your summer hair needs.

The Huile Genereuse is a softly fragranced oil that protects hair from the sun year-round. The Gelee Aqua-Proof, a light styling gel, maintains the look of sleek, wet hair while blocking UV rays from the scalp. Essentially, with Kerastase, “protect” means “apply delicious product that makes your hair look fabulous.”

When you’ve finished all your gallivanting on the beach, the Bain Apres-Soleil shampoos and revitalizes hair, and the Crème Richesse deeply conditions, minimizing the drying and fading effects of the sun on hair texture and color. Later that night, when you’re relaxing with iced tea/frozen margies…flaunt those natural (and salon-created!) highlights – with Serum Apres Soleil, a smoothing spray that picks up the brilliance of color-treated hair and imparts a delicate, citrus fragrance.

So remember: summer is your friend. Remember that winter that wouldn’t end, just a few weeks ago? That’s what I thought…So indulge, but do it safely, and make sure your tote bag is ready. SPF 30? Check. Big, foxy straw hat? Check. Kerastase 1,2,3 treatment? Triple check, for fun in the soleil.

Order online at Find the nearest salon carrying complete Kerastase: (877) 748 8357.

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