The Broke Girl’s Guide to Healthy Hair


Let’s cut to the chase: being able to visit the salon every week and not go broke is definitely one of the dreams. As much as we would love to constantly to touch up our roots or maintain our signature undercut – that gets expensive, VERY fast. Plus, do we really need that $30 shampoo? Good news though! You don’t need to splurge to have healthy, lovely hair.

Whether you have a cascading waterfall of mermaid locks, an electric pink undercut, or a simply need to give your hair more love – look no further! This is the ultimate guide to always ensure the bounce is in the hair and you’re not breaking the bank.

1. First, think about what your needs and wants are – and go from there!

In the beauty world, the question of “do I need it or actually want it?” is something we all are guilty of asking. If you’re like me, I somehow try to convince myself I need the super hydrating honey over-night mask with rose-hip infusion and lavender. Initially, I feel bad I spent an extra “x amount of dollars” on such an item, but there was truth in needing a hydrating treatment for my hair. Sometimes, even using laser hair removal to remove pesky sideburns can be a problem! It poses the idea of splurging on one investment to prevent future costs. Which leads to the next tip –

2. Stick to a budget – and never surpass its limit

When we know our needs versus wants, it becomes easier to establish a limit on how many products we can buy, what products we should be buying, and how much to spend. Sometimes all you need is a shampoo, conditioner, and a simple hair treatment that tackles a particular area you want to improve, such as dryness or damage from over-coloring.

3. Consider all-natural remedies and solutions – because making your own shampoo & hair treatments is pretty fun

Unleash your inner mixologist and take to nature’s healing ways. For example, buying honey and lemon from the grocery store isn’t a hit to your budget – and you can get them in bulk! Buying low-priced fruit and substances makes crafting a shampoo and conditioner tailored to your needs beyond easy. With a bit of research and specific ingredients with desired benefits – voila! A new and signature hair care routine is born. Prime examples of ingredients you can purchase are castor oil and Vitamin E – which aid in growing and thickening the consistency of hair. As mentioned before, honey is a fantastic and basic ingredient. It’s a humectant, meaning that it preserves moisture in hair that tends to dry out. On the other hand, lemon is brightening and makes locks look shiny and eternally sun-kissed. From low-end to high-end, these ingredients are the base of a great shampoo.

4. Take multi-vitamins or supplements

Vitamins and supplements are relatively cheap, especially in your local Costco. They add an extra boost to your pre-existing shampoo and conditioner by delivering extra nutrients to not only your hair, but the rest of the body too.

5. Stalk sales and clearance aisles

This is a given – but it’s always a surprise as to what can be found in the sale and clearance aisles. There are two main things in these areas: overstock and previous season’s items. You can always bet on overstocked items in the drugstore to give you a basic shampoo and conditioner. However, beauty supply stores carry hidden gems of amazing products from last season at a heavily discounted price. A high-quality product and cheap? Score!

6. Head Scalp Massages

This simple action requires only the use of your fingers or a head massage tool. Massaging a head encourages hair growth and blood stimulation, not only making your hair grow longer, you’re alleviating any unwanted headaches!

7. Ask yourself if it’s possible to cut your own hair

This is a risky tip, considering if you have a complicated hairstyle – such as straight bangs, a buzzcut, or naturally beautiful curly hair. However, if there is a chance, you can save a few bucks by snipping off split ends or buzzing the sides of your head at home. Additionally, there are even tools to ensure you cut the perfect bangs!

8. Shop at places that aren’t your usual drug and department stores

Off-brand stores shouldn’t be neglected on the list of places to find beauty deals. For little as a dollar you can buy a full-size bottle of shampoo and conditioner!

9. Now, onto the idea of a subscription box

Depending on your personal beauty needs, a subscription box might actually be the best choice for you in the long run. Aside from hair care, subscription boxes can include a variety of multiple items that tackle all areas of your beauty needs. These are given on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how much you want to spend. You can even find boxes that are $10 or less!

10. Politely ask for samples and trial sizes in beauty departments

If you’re perusing the mall one afternoon, stop by a Sephora or hair care stand to snag some free samples. Usually employees won’t mind if you ask, but remember to be polite! Because the sample size is so small, it can squeeze you by an extra day or two if you forget to buy your normal sized shampoo and conditioner from the store. The perk of getting a sample is the fact that you don’t spend anything! But the best thing might have to be the fact you’re trying out a potentially expensive new product without guilt.

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