Color Me Rad: It’s time to jump on the rainbow hair trend

Ladies, what’s your take on the variety of rainbow-colored hair that’s everywhere these days? I know this isn’t a new trend, but I assumed it was a passing one.

However, after seeing Kelly Ripa go pink (and blue) last month, and Kylie Jenner rock blue birthday locks, I have realized just how wrong I was.

Thinking of taking the plunge? We asked the color experts at NYC’s Butterfly Studio Salon to help break down the different levels of color and commitment.

Level 1: Ready to Dive In
If you’re ready to transform your look, Salon Color Expert Faye Goodwin suggests first doing all-over bleach and then toning it out with your preferred color choice. “For me, this is not a color trend that you look to complement your skin tone or eye color, this trend is about having fun!”

Level 2: Want Color Flexibility
If the idea of sporting a full head of Crayola-colored hair seems too extreme, you can go halfsies on the look. Goodwin suggests more of a peekaboo approach, saying “ the best placement for peekaboo hair is behind the ear in a diagonal section, or from 1-1.5 inches from the hairline.” This allows you show off the color when you want to, as well as hide it when you need to (like brunch with your conservative grandmother).

Level 3: Not Looking to Commit
Want to have a little fun without the commitment? Master Color Specialist Min Kim recommends hair chalk. Hair chalk gives you the flexibility to experiment with color, but will also come out within two to three washes.

To try it at home, try Hair Artist Hair Chalk.

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