Color Scheme: A Product Plan to Preserve Your Heavenly Hue


With the unpredictable weather we face during the change of the seasons, it’s hard to know what hair regimen will work best for facing the unknown elements. One day there may be the heat and humidity of an Indian summer; the next day we may face the forceful winds of change cooling us down into fall. Either way, your hair color becomes a challenge in terms of maintaining your style while holding to summer hues or waiting till the time is right to alter them in autumn. That’s where Innovative Styling Options’ (ISO) i.color line and ISO’s Color Preserve product hair regimen can come in handy. The i.color line presents you with bold color options to indulge in, and the Color Preserve productsColor Preserve Cleanse, Color Preserve Condition, and the Color Preserve Serum – help you seal in your style selection. We asked Steve Napier, an ISO i.color specialist and colorist at the Gould’s Day Spa and Salon in Memphis, Tennessee, to give us an inside glimpse into the power of these products. We figured if it works for our friends down South, who often deal with more severe weather conditions than we do almost on a daily basis, it’s bound to be a big hit here at home.

BN: What was inspiration behind the products’ creation?
SN: ISO’s formulas are self-adjusting. They hydrate hair with the ideal moisture balance by penetrating deep into the hair shaft where needed, and leaving the cuticle smooth and supple with just the right amount of moisture because at the core of every ISO hair care product is our signature Tri-active technology. Vitamins, proteins, and moisturizers are positively charged to penetrate deeper into the cortex and remain active longer in the hair, which is negatively charged by nature. The more severely hair is damaged, the more negative it becomes. The result is a powerful attraction between the positively charged vitamins and the negatively charged damaged hair. Vitamins A and E attach to damaged sites within the cortex and cuticle layers of the hair to create incredible shine from within. Soy and wheat proteins penetrate the cortex and fill damaged areas to strengthen hair’s internal structure and cuticle layer for smoother, shinier hair without coating the hair shaft. In addition, Color Preserve products contain ISO’s Solar-Seal 3, a unique, sun-activated polymer that protects hair color when it’s exposed to the sun. The Color Preserve line contains sunscreens that absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays, which fade and damage hair. The shampoo and conditioner also contain vitamins E and C, two powerful antioxidants that protect hair color from free radical damage.

BN: How often should women color their hair, and how long after coloring and using Color Preserve should women wait for a touchup?
SN: Color Preserve does not affect the retouch application; rather, it helps to preserve the color on midshaft and ends. A regular retouch application from 4-6 weeks is necessary to revive the scalp color, but by using Color Preserve Cleanse, Condition, and Serum, the midshaft and ends will remain lustrous and on tone. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with i.color permanent haircolor, Color Preserve can keep color looking vibrant up to 30 percent longer than traditional shampoos and styling aids.

BN: Are there any styling considerations to take into account when using Color Preserve? For example if you flat iron your hair or curl it? Or are there certain products that will hinder the effectiveness of Color Preserve?
SN: ISO Color Preserve is formulated for all types of color-treated hair. All three products are formulated with ISO’s patented Triactive technology, which improves the condition of the hair, so when using thermal styling devices, these products can help the hair to become more conditioned. ISO Color Preserve Serum also makes hair silky smooth when used as a finishing product. So, these products will not inhibit but rather enhance thermal styling tools.

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