Color Hair at Home With Developlus

Whether you want to give yourself bleach-free pink streaks or mask unwanted gray hairs, Developlus products have got you covered! You may not be able to hit up your local salon at the moment, but Developlus’ Splat and No Gray are here to keep your hair looking its best while non-essential businesses are closed.

Splat‘s vegan Naturals line comes in seven shades: Teal, Navy Blue, Blue, Red, Lavender, Purple, and Pink. Splat Naturals’ formula is 95% natural and free from harmful additives like ammonia and bleach, which damage hair. Baobab extract and quinoa extract naturally condition your locks while depositing fun pops of color.

Order Splat Naturals Semi-Permanent Hair Color online here for under $15.

If you’re a brunette who has been dying to cover gray roots while sheltering in place, No Gray is an affordable solution! The wand resembles a mascara wand and will easily and instantly hide gray hair while you are in-between hair coloring appointments. Designed for all shades of brown hair, No Gray will provide all-day waterproof coverage, only washing out with shampoo.

Order No Gray Quick Fix online here for under $5.

Staying home doesn’t mean you have to neglect your hair, so if you need a color touch-up, try these Developlus products.

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