Come-Hither Coiffures for V-Day


You’ve got the outfit (hot pink). You’ve got the sexy skivvies (black lace). And of course, you’ve got reservations for two, complete with candlelight, red wine, and a whole lotta chocolate truffles coming your way. You’ve got it all under control…except for your hair! (Gasp.) Fear not dear readers. Here are five come-hither coiffures sure to woo, no matter what your style is.

1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Channel a little Veronica Lake and all Jessica Rabbit with this simple and sleek style that is as sexy as it is sophisticated. Create a severe part and blow dry hair away from face on the non-swoop side. If you want a little more body, add a subtle Farrah Fawcett flip-out on the peekaboo-side, or counter your sleek swoop with a sparkly barrette on the other side. Best for shoulder-length hair or longer.

2. Let’s Vamp Around

While King Louis XV’s mistress, Madame de Pompadour was a tres lovely lass, her hair was a little much for the modern day woman. But the essence of the hairstyle is still damn sexy. It’s most recent incarnation was the unfortunate “Snooki Poof” – but it’s time to reclaim the look. Gather up the front of your hair from temple to temple combing in a little gel to add some uniformity and lift. Push hair forward toward the mirror securing the bump with a few bobby pins. Just a little poof or a full pompadour is all in the push, and up to you. Want a more severe and sleek look? Pull the rest of your hair up in a ponytail for a total up-do.

3. Renaissance Wench

This is a style that works for long locks or short because it’s largely about the accouterments. With shorter hair a scrunching gel should do the trick – try to get as much body as possible. Sporting a lengthy mane? Curl 2-inch wide hunks of hair around a medium curling iron, spritzing with a light hair spray to secure the spirals. Gather the hair on top of your head and as carelessly as possible, secure the curls up and back with bobby pins, a tortoise-shell comb or even a loose hair elastic. Next up? The fun part. A thin headband or sparkly ribbon will do just the trick – position it close to your hairline so your head is framed with tumbling tresses. And don’t worry if a few curls come tumbling out – you’re just a damsel in distress after all!

4. Retro Flashback

Channel a little 1960s mod (and little Britney circa 1998) with a super-high, super-flirty, and yes, super easy school-girl pony-tail. Flip your hair upside down (right out of the shower) and gather it all up at the crown of your head but don’t secure it yet. The key is getting rid of all those much-dreaded bumps. Comb hair smooth (front and back) adding a little gel as needed to get that high-sheen shine. Secure with a hair tie. Then it’s up to you. You can curl your pony, straighten your pony, or even give it a little flip at the end. I like to wrap the elastic in a small section of my hair (about one-inch) to give it a final polished look.

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