Curly Corner: Bumble & Bumble Straight-Up Sassy

One thing that puts my curls in a tizzy, is when every stylist assumes that as a curly-haired girl, I must automatically dream of having effortlessly straight hair on a daily basis.

Between the excessive Groupons and in-person salon solicitations, surely you, like me, can’t escape the ubiquitous straightening treatments. Each one boasts to be better than the next from Keratin to Cashmere.

But what about those of us who like our curls and want an occasional straight look for just a few days, or for a special event? Truth is, it’s not easy to find products that help you go straight just for a day. Often they pack big promises and little punch.

So you can imagine my delight in finding a new favorite. Bumble & Bumble’s Straight Line. The product line includes a sulfate-free smoothing Bb Shampoo and a Bb Frizz Fighting Conditioner. These two work pretty well on their own, but the real gem in the lineup is the heat-activated smoothing cream called Bb Straight Blow Dry.

This delightful cream not only cuts blow drying time in half, but makes your hair look salon-styled straight. I am absolutely in love with it – no other words are suited.

And the best part is that a simple wash later brings me back to my bouncy curls. Got to hand it to Bumble & Bumble and their awesome products, gorgeous packaging and delicious scents – stay sassy folks!

Stay tuned for more straight-for-a-day stories in the BeautyNewsNYC Hair Care section.

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