Darkness Falls: Seasonal Updates from Celebrity Color Authority Rita Hazan


As the weather turns colder, it’s natural to gravitate towards scarves, pumpkin spice lattes and a darker hair color. Celebrity color authority Rita Hazan shares with us her “Rita-isms” for updating our tresses this fall.

You don’t need to update your color right away. You can wait until November since it’s still mild outside when the seasons change. Platinum will still be a trend, but with darker roots and some depth. Ombre isn’t going away—but we’ll see more of a sombre (subtle ombre). Crazy colors will be more vibrant and less pastel.

Trends for fall and winter will be subtle tones with very natural highlights on a rich color base. A chocolate base with butterscotch highlights or a golden blonde base pairs well with sun-kissed highlights. These looks add warmth and give the illusion of bronzed skin.

Gradually transition color by using a gloss or get lowlights to add warmer tones to your hair. You shouldn’t make a dramatic change like blonde to honey blonde—just go darker. Not being in the sun as much will also naturally help your color become darker. A product like Ultimate Shine Color Gloss is perfect to add warmth throughout the season and help extend the life of your color between salon visits.

Colder temperatures dry out hair and the best thing to do is a treatment once or twice a week—even sleeping with it on overnight can help add moisture and prevent dryness. The new Weekly Remedy at-home conditioning treatment instantly hydrates and repairs hair inside out, while enhancing and preserving color.

Products available at http://www.Ritahazan.com

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