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So what goes into developing hair extensions that anyone can have and hold and apply quickly with ease? We had a brief Q&A with Easihair creative director and director of national sales, Lisa Minervini, about what went into the process of making these products. We knew that her background definitely played a pivotal role in what was to come. Prior to joining Jon Renau (the producer of Easihair), Lisa spent 14 years in beauty retail and creative marketing working at Estee Lauder and Lancôme. Here’s the inside scoop on what else we learned:

BN: What was the spark that set off the desire to create Easihair extensions?
LM: What woman doesn’t want better hair? We created a variety of easy-to-use products that provide instant gratification for the three biggest hair wishes – length, thickness, and color. We successfully gave every woman the ability to have thicker, fuller, more luxurious hair in a matter of minutes.

BN: Why do you think so many women have responded so well to the products?
LM: EasiXtend has been a complete hit because it is discrete, easy to attach, will not damage the hair, can be heat-styled and our exclusive color blends virtually match every hair color right out of the box.

BN: Can you give us any other “sneak peeks” of what’s next on the Easihair product line horizon?
LM: We are so excited to launch the release of Easilites singles, a one-piece version of our popular Easilites clip-in highlights at an extremely affordable price. Now our consumer can get as creative as she wants!

BN: What’s the Easilite color you just can’t live without?
LM: PINK! It is not a color I would commit to putting in my hair permanently but with our products I can do it in a snap. I just love it!

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