Do Dads: For a Style-Savvy Father’s Day

Each year when May 11th rolls around, the beauty-conscious female enjoys indulging her favorite family member with all the sorts of presents she craves for herself. It’s easy to buy for Mom on Mother’s Day because the beauty, skincare, fragrance, spa and hair industries are never short of exciting introductions for Mom to love. But merely one month later, we’re forced to switch gears and attempt to find something suitable for a much tougher customer – Dad.


Brad Pitt – Fatherhood and great hair

We’re here to tell you a secret. It might surprise you, but Pops thinks about his hair often as much as Mom. And there are plenty of gifts out there that will make him feel OK about being hair-conscious (i.e., no need to feel emasculated Dad, men have hair woes too.)

The Clean-Cut


Coming straight from Israel, the AHAVA line of men’s products (available at select Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom stores and directly from the AHAVA website) are sourced from botanicals and minerals derived from water, salt and mud of the Dead Sea. The Mineral Shampoo for Men is formulated with natural Dead Sea minerals that soften as well as clean hair.


The shampoo also prevents dandruff, which no stylish Dad is down with. In addition to the shampoo, the company also has a special, just-right-for-Father’s Day gift set that includes the AHAVA Mineral Shower Gel, AHAVA Mineral Shower Cream and Protective Moisturizing Fluid. As far as strictly shower care – AHAVA has mineral shower gel and mineral shampoo. We doubt any father will feel silly about smelling like a refreshing beach. Every Man Jack, available at select Target stores, also has a special Father’s Day gift set called Three of a Kind that comes in either a Mint or Tea Tree variety and includes the company’s daily or thickening shampoo and conditioner.

The Speak-easy Throwback

Do you have a pool table at your folks’ place? Or can you never pull your hubby away from the one in your basement? Does your Dad like to smoke cigars while playing said pool? Does he enjoy a smooth scotch on the rocks with said cigar and said pool game?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, a good line for the father in your life comes from a Newbury Street, Boston store, Barbershop Lounge. Men who shop at this happening joint experience the benefits of old-school barbering, with products like the In and Out Conditioner and the Sure Thing Hair Gel. The shop even offers memberships, like only a truly exclusive gentleman’s club would.

Thinner Isn’t Always Better

Hair is the one aesthetic category where thinness is NOT a coveted quality. Unfortunately, it’s a fate all-too-many face, especially men. For that reason, cosmetic companies have capitalized on formulations that claim to restore hair follicles and bring life back to seemingly doomed male heads of hair. Perhaps the most popular of such treatments is ROGAINE™.


Men’s ROGAINE™ Foam, available directly from, is the only foam clinically proven to re-grow hair with twice a day, daily use. The foam also prevents the progression of hereditary hair loss and has been shown to treat advanced hair loss with minoxidil, the only FDA approved topical ingredient to re-grow hair. According to studies conducted by ROGAINE, most men have a 50 percent chance of experiencing hereditary hair loss by their 50th birthday, and hair thinning can start as early as a man’s teenage years.


Other companies, such as Osmotics and Alterna, have also created solutions to solve the male hair thinning dilemma. According to Michael Shaun Corby, global creative director of Alterna, while other products are designed to eliminate DHT (a common factor associated with male pattern baldness) after it forms, Alterna’s LIFE Restore Scalp & Follicle Extra Strength Serum prevents DHT from developing in the first place.

“Other hair loss products are designed to eliminate DHT after it forms, but Alterna’s prevents DHT from even developing in the first place,” says Michael Shaun Corby, Global Creative Director of Alterna. “There is a sebum found on men’s scalps that produces DHT when it connects with testosterone, but the Nutrozyme Complex™ defuses this sebum before it can interact with this male hormone.”

Hipsters are Dads Too


New packaging for Johnny B.’s Paste makes it easier for Dad

Some Dads take no shame in priding their product choices. We like those guys, and they’ll like Johnny B.’s Shampoo Paste, which has recently been repackaged to look even cooler than before.

This multipurpose product which can be found on, acts as a shampoo, conditioner and shave cream. All the men out there who can’t be bothered with more than one product in their shower will love Johnny B. and his pliable paste that has moved from jar to tube to prevent trapped water from harming the product’s worth.


Other hip Dad’s will products like John Allan’s Mint Invigorating hydrating conditioner and Blu water-based pomade, both of which take a funky but classy style to their packaging and marketing . John Allan products can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue and at select other stores in NYC (please see the for details on where to buy.)

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