Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Why Being a Loyal Client at Bumble Pays


The House of Bumble is known for killer cuts, amazing colorists and a seemingly endless roster of A-list clients. But what truly sets Bumble apart is its customer service. Unlike other salons that cater to the rich and famous, stylists there treat loyal clients not as customers, but as family. And if you become one of their most loyal clients – they aren’t afraid to reward you. That high price tag may not stay so high if you keep going back for more.

Let me explain.

In 2009, when I moved to NYC for a full-time internship my senior year of college, I was surprised how easily I felt at home. Originally from Boston, New York was far outside the periphery of my comfort zone, but immersing myself in city life came naturally. As an intern at NBC, I took to the city like a gefilte fish to water.

There was, however, one thing I desperately missed: my salon at home, my colorist Jennifer, and locks that never had a brassy hue. I went to appointment after appointment in the Big Apple, many booked on Lifebooker, hoping to save some much needed cash. Somehow, I couldn’t seem to find a salon to call my own. Every place I went to, for lack of a better word…blew.

Knowing the quality of the brand, I considered Bumble & Bumble, but was hesitant because of the steep prices. When a last-minute work event popped up, I had to get a same-day appointment, so I took the plunge. The booking staff was incredibly helpful on the phone and supremely accommodating considering my tight timeframe. They booked me same-day with Aida, a senior colorist, and had me come in right away.

Unlike the disasters I had been through before, walking into this salon felt like a breath of fresh air. I was welcomed by staff and directed to the café in the lobby. Sipping a complimentary cucumber water while staring out at the amazing view of the Hudson River below, I remember thinking, “What could be better than this?”

Then I met Aida. I really didn’t know what I wanted, apart from something that would rid my locks of their brassy tone, so I left it up to the stylist to work a miracle on me. It was like she knew me, knew how to help, knew what I needed…before I even did. A fantastic colorist, she was able to tone my color down from a yellowish blonde to a cooler, ashy tone. She won me over from that day.

Though I’ve subjected my hair to more than its fair share of damage over the last five years, she’s always been able to get my color back on track. When I insisted I had Emma Stone’s coloring and could pull off red hair (I don’t, and I definitely couldn’t) I had a consultation with Aida, who thankfully snapped me back to reality. She has always taken the time to talk about what she will do, how she will do it, and how it will it look afterwards. Five years have come and gone, and I’ve gone to Aida every time. There is nobody else I would or could ever entrust my blonde locks with again…this was it.

Since then, every three months I’ve been going back to Aida, who I can always count on to give me the exact tone I’m looking for (even when I’m not really sure what that tone is).

Here’s the thing. When you show Bumble some love, they’ll give it right back. Bumble treats customers extremely well, especially the loyal ones. Over the years I had grown accustomed to paying for the quality, deciding the exorbitant amount was worth every penny. But then one day, everything changed…I remember it like yesterday. A year ago, after another amazing visit, the cashier handed me a much smaller bill than I ever expected. For the full head of highlights, gloss, deep conditioning and blow dry, the price tag was no longer $315, which I had happily paid over the years. Instead, it was less than half – $150.

Stunned, I asked the cashier if there was a mistake. “No,” the girl behind the counter said. “You’re listed in our system under the Customer Loyalty tab. That is your price.”

And it’s been the same ever since.

They treat their loyal customers as a member of their family, and let customers know how valued they truly are. Overall, the Bumble experience really is just on a different level than other high end salons – and it shows. I’ve always gone to Bumble salons, but there’s nothing quite like the experience of being at the headquarters. No matter how big the brand, the salon keeps a close-knit connection with loyal customers, which has kept me coming back ever since.

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