Fab Four: Focus on Volume


Sometimes you just can’t have enough body – in your hair that is. For all you gals whose hair tends to be limp and lifeless, this month’s Fab Four is for you! We would like to take full responsibility for taking your hair to heights you never thought possible.


Charles Worthington London Big Hair™ Full Volume shampoo

Some shampoos can leave a dulling residue behind that weighs hair down but Charles Worthington London Big Hair Full Volume shampoo has a light weight formula for an ultra boost of body. Check out the new packaging and formula for some serious long-lasting volume. Available at Target, Ulta and many drugstores nationwide.


Matrix Vavoom Bust-Out Body Conditioner

While it may seem logical to skip conditioner in lieu of maintaining volume, it’s absolutely imperative that you follow every shampoo with a conditioner to moisturize and protect the hair follicle.

Matrix Vavoom Bust-Out Body Conditioner is safe for color-treated hair and adds oomph to stringy strands, emphasizing volume. Its light moisturizers work well on fine hair and help detangle with added frizz control. Go to http://www.matrix.com for a salon near you.


Nexxus Root Exxtend™

Many people feel that adding another product to already-limp hair will only weigh it down more. We beg to differ. Nexxus Root Exxtend helps add volume from where you need it – at the root. Boosting ingredients such as a cationic polymer complex, panthenol, ceramides and UVA/UVB protectors, spray directly onto the root so hair stays full throughout the day. Use on damp hair and spray directly onto the roots. The pump is quite powerful so start with a few squirts and increase as desired. Available at fine salons.



Whether you’re curling with Velcro rollers, a curling iron or a big round brush, a mousse will not only help hold your style, it will create volume as well. One to try: PUREOLOGY RootLift. It not only gives hair plenty of body and shine but it has the added benefit of color protection as added vitamin B5 and concentrated sunflower seed cake extract provide humidity resistance and deflect against sun fade. PUREOLOGY RootLift is available at select fine spas and salons nationwide.

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