Fab Four: Hot, Hot Heat Hair Protectors



The touch, the feel, of cotton…in your shampoo? Just when you thought you heard of everything, Fresh introduces Cotton Shampoo as a whole new way to add texture and enrich hair with proteins. This volumizing formula contains linden bud and moringa seed extracts which improve hair strength and shine and prevents microparticles from environmental pollution from sticking to hair. In addition to the cotton powder and cotton seed extract that is rich in proteins, sugars and vitamin B, this shampoo also contains Camellia seed oil and carrot root extract. Sunflower seed extract helps to condition and protect color treated hair from fading caused by UV exposure, making this a great summer shampoo. Check out: http://www.fresh.com.


Pomegranates are naturally high in antioxidants, which are scavengers for free radicals that cause damage to hair and skin. So, if you’re eating your antioxidants why not add them to your hair care routine? Pomegranate Conditioning Hair Rinse from Fresh is a weightless, daily detangling rinse that softens and protects hair from sun and environmental elements that can cause fading, breakage and dullness. This rinse not only detangles but reduces static and revitalizes hair leaving it smooth and soft. It is safe for use on all hair types. Check out: http://www.fresh.com.


We’re always happy to find products that not only produce visible results but are easy on our wallets. Jason Kiwi & Apricot hair care does just that. For eight bucks you can take limp, fine hair or curly hair to new heights and take control of frizz. And the Root Boost will add volume to otherwise flat hair. If your hair is curly, give the Volumizing Mousse a try to tame frizz and combat humidity. Check out: http://www.jason-natural.com.


Fresh Heir headbandsHeadbands are everywhere you look these days and these one-of-a-kind scarf headbands will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Headbands from Fresh Heir come from Jackie Pepper, a Philadelphia designer, who designs with inspiration from before her time (anytime before 1983 that is!). Her summer line of turban-style headbands are all made from unique vintage scarves so chances are you won’t be caught wearing the same style as all the other gals in NYC. Look for her up-coming fall line that will feature solid knit colors. Check out: http://www.freshheir.com.

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