Fall Hair Acessories Combat Cold Weather Woes with Whimsy

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After summer’s laissez faire and freedom, bleached locks and undisciplined manes, fall signals a return to structure and restraint, to better held and studied hair dos to match the more tailored clothes of the season. Hair accessories become a necessity not only to tame loose locks but to add little blotches of whimsy to sometimes sober autumn appearances.

Never so much as this fall however, do hair accessories seem to have made a comeback. From Paris to New York, serious hair gear such as flapper cloches, berets, headbands, hair flowers, tinsel sculptures and bobby pins are appearing in boutiques and department stores. The vibe this fall leans toward icy reserve in fashion, counterbalanced by notes of free play in hair. Here is a quick overview of some styles I enjoy that are perfect to help you get in fall vogue.

Rebekah Lea, has a headpiece in her Forbidden Forest collection that’s eccentric and deliciously imaginative. It eludes to memories of tales told by the fire in creepy manors in the fall. Perfect for a romantic ball in the woods or in the shabby chic dining hall of some Manhattan mansion, you will be all set for intrigue and romance with this wild nature inspired coiffe on your head. http://www.rebekahleadesigns.com

Tamasha, a fine line of Persian luxury knitwear made of ecological yarns, has a beautiful wrap-up headband that creates a soft halo of mystery and refinement to a woman’s appearance. It is handcrafted in Nepal, encrusted with beads and made out of 30 percent cashmere, 30 percent silk, 20 percent wool and 20 percent tinsel. An essential piece to keep at hand for instant glamour and a bit of “je ne sais quoi,” it is available at http://www.tamasha-knit.com

Young &Ng has a striking collection of headpieces that add some debauched charm of romantic luxury to your fall dress options. The dark rose gold Pare Chain Crown is especially exquisite for any haute Bohemian night venture you might be in the mood for when the cats start howling and the owls hooting in the nearby woods. Available at http://www.youngandng.com

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a piece of fierce in your hair accessories this fall. Almar has a collection of headbands made of silky soft polyester, like the wide lace head wrap in grey, black or ivory that keeps your hair neat and in control while achieving the perfect demure look of the season. The headband with a flower on the side is hugely versatle if you are young and love to play the false ingenue. Another favourite is the small flower elastic headband made of pretty little flowers all around. All accessories are under $10. http://www.almarsales.com

Astridland, the line by German designer, Astrid Brucker, has a collection of demurely edgy hair accessories that fit this Fall’s zeitgeist. The line includes unique bobby pins decorated with silk flowers, netting with gold embroidery, sequins or wool. The line has a ‘30s charm to it that adds the chic of retro to a contemporary style. Available at Darling, 1 Horatio Street, in the West Village, NYC, Blink Beauty Salon in Union Square between Park Ave. South and 17th Street and online at http://www.astridland.supermarkethq.com.

Whatever your budget, you can find options to create your fall look in the coming months. Collect a few quirky original bobby pins and headbands and keep them handy. Learn how to wear them adroitely to reveal all the many sides of you and play out all the fashion options of fall. Just by rotating hair accessories you can dramatically play up a not-so-hot look too and even revive one you have overdone. Get the fun rolling and learn how to play with your different fall personas. All you need is another bobby pin or headband a day!

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