Fifth Avenue Hair: Get Something Different at Rene Salon at the Pierre

We all want something different from our experience at the hair salon. Some have an aching for bragging rights, whether the salon is the latest in…ahem…cutting edge chic, or they need the security of knowing they’ve been to the most expensive place in town…well ok, maybe that one has fallen off the radar lately, now that so many have had a recent financial reality check.

For me, my needs are clear. I want a hair salon where the people are not pretentious and make we feel welcome, and then most importantly I want the perfect cut for my face shape and hair texture, and of course, I want to be able to maintain it so easily myself that friends ask me if I just came from the hair salon. That’s the experience I had recently at Rene Salon at the Pierre.

Owned by the warm and charming, Cuban born Rene Romeu, who’s had the salon since 1979, Rene Salon (located at the venerable Pierre Hotel) could be the perfect place for you and your Mom to spend some time together for a Mother’s Day treat, and both come out looking fabulous. Rene, once one of the jetsetting hairstylists to celebs like Carolina Herrera, Arianna Huffington, Salma Hayak, Shoshanna Lowenstein and the model Carmen (yes, that Carmen) and whose hair styles and make-up looks often graced the covers of Town & Country, decided to leave the stress of the glitz and glitter life and now caters to his faithful clients (many of the Park Ave charity circuit) in a more low-key manner. He tells me that those last minute hair emergency private helicopter rides to the Hamptons made him crazy! Now, dividing his time between NYC and South Beach, Rene’s cutting and coloring techniques are as au courant as the $800 haircut from you-know-who in the Meat Packing District. Just don’t expect the hipper-than-thou ‘tude. If that’s what floats your boat, this isn’t the place for you.

I went to Rene for a haircut and he suggested trimming off two inches, creating a flattering shape and then cutting in some long layers to give my narrow face volume. He also suggested adding highlights, which honestly I have to say I was a little nervous about. Highlights on redheads can be a disaster, and I’ve had them done twice before. Both times, though not disastrous, weren’t great. However, I felt confident that Rene would do a fabulous job, and I’m happy to say he certainly did. They’re just perfect. Not too blonde, not too brassy, not too anything….just right…and chic. The proof of the results was when I went to dinner at a friend’s house on Easter Sunday and was asked which salon was open on a holiday as she thought my hair looked like I had just come from having it professionally blown out and styled. Success!

The elegant Pierre is in the midst of a renovation, but the lobby is almost finished and is just beautiful; and the new lobby café will open on June 1st. Afternoon tea will be served, as well as the usual alcoholic libations. Consider a visit to Rene salon as a gift to both you and your Mom, (okay, or for yourself only – Mom understands) for a perfect Fifth Ave afternoon. Prices at Rene Salon are gentler than what you might expect to find on this posh stretch of Fifth Ave. A haircut with Rene is $150 and highlights are $175. In addition, Rene loves to do makeovers and makeup for brides and other special occasions, (you go to him or he’ll come to you) the full service salon also does mani’s, pedi’s, facials and waxing.

Rene Salon at the Pierre
2 East 61st Street

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