Fight Damage and Frizz This Summer

Stifling hot, humid weather makes hair go dry and frizzy. Revive your summer dry and damaged tresses with our favorites below:

Beauty Nut Nutural Vitality Hair Serum contains precious oils produced by local Moroccan women’s cooperatives in the purest form. Rich in omega 6 fatty acids, linoleic acid, and vitamin E, Argan oil is excellent to hydrate and restructure frayed damaged tresses. Essential oils from rosemary and cedar atlas help to make your hair shaft stronger as well. Beauty Nut only uses cooperatives that are kind to goats, meaning: the women on them gather the nuts, peel the skin, crack the nuts and then grind them into Argan oil — whereas most Argan oils on the market are made by having goats digest the nuts to remove the shell. The Beauty Nut line is totally cruelty-free. Use on dry hair before styling. Your frizz will be tamed and your hair feel more pliant, youthful and elastic again. Grab your bottle at

Orising, a high-end line of Italian plant-based conditioners replenishes your dried-out mane with a boost of deep moisture extracted from coconut and oat extracts rich in active ingredients. Use the conditioner to nourish, heal and moisturize tired hair fibers, rendering them soft and silky. Use after swimming in the pool or the sea or whenever humidity turns your tresses into hopeless frizz bushes. Made in Italy, use code BN 10%Off to receive a 10% discount on your order and find it at:

Hair Biology Deep Hydrating Mask is a weekly treatment to turn your brittle, fried mane into smooth and silky. Infused with biotin, the mask deeply hydrates strands and helps protect your hair color against fade out, leaving the hair strong, pliant and moist. Use once to twice a week or whenever your hair is put through a harsh environment like chlorine, salt, or humidity to replenish its health.
Try it at

Use Hair Biology’s Silver and Glowing Shampoo & Conditioner in tandem to stop your hair from turning yellow in the summer while protecting it from UV rays and strengthening the hair’s shaft with biotin. The formula smoothes out tresses, killing all frizz, restoring shine to dehydrated hair, and sealing the hair against dehydration. Your hair will feel so soft and easily untangled no matter how coarse and dry it was. Find it at


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