Finding My Hair Genie at Nunzio Saviano Salon


What can you do when a hair stylist goes all Edward Scissorhands on you, leaving you with a short cut that is too layered and makes you want to hide your hair under a paper bag? While you must wait patiently for all the short pieces to grow out, make sure that your next stylist knows how to listen to what clients want and is experienced in correcting bad cuts. Fortunately, Nunzio Saviano Salon rescued my mangled mane.

With more than two decades of industry experience, hair pro Nunzio Saviano opened his namesake salon in 2013 in a cozy and bright two-story brownstone on the Upper East Side. The salon has an intimate atmosphere from the moment you enter, and his exclusive team of hair experts contribute to this personalized feeling.

Ryan Austin, my stylist, understood immediately what he needed to do to get my hair back on the right track. He explained that although my hair has a slight natural wave, the texture is fine and too many layers make it look thinner. He recommends cutting fine hair in longer layers that allow some movement and give the hair more dimension. Ryan methodically evened out my scraggly ends to bring the length up slightly and trimmed the layers, making sure to keep them longer and swingy.
Although he advised me to use a diffuser at home to play up the waviness of my hair rather than blow- dry it, he used a heat protector and light moisturizing cream and blow-dried it so he could check and see if the cut looked as precise as he had intended. After making some careful final tweaks to the cut, he used a gentle curling iron to give me an idea of how my new cut would look without a blow dry.

When Ryan was done, I was amazed at how much healthier and thicker my hair looked. Whether you are in the same boat that I was — in need of some major haircut therapy — or are just looking for the most flattering style for your hair type and texture, you can be confident that Ryan’s your man.

For more information, visit

Nunzio Saviano Salon
130 East 65th Street
NYC, NY 10065

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