Finish Your Holiday Look with a Dashing Do’

There are a lot of options out there. So, we’ll save you some time.

If you’re looking for a new, knock-’em dead holiday hair style, we’ve compiled some of our favorites here. Give them a shot sometime, like when you’re stuck in traffic heading home for the holidays.

We’ve got some tips on how to look red-carpet ready for your trip to Grandma’s house for the holidays, and what to carry in your bag.

Our advice comes straight from one very special expert, Jenny Balding, senior stylist at Cutler NYC/Redken. She’s complied easy ‘dos that are simple to create and maintain for all hair textures.

1. The classic blow out – with a twist


This look works with both long hair and the ever-popular bob that everyone seems to be opting for this season, according to Balding. She recommends Cutler’s Volumizing Spray to keep the hair full of life.

2. S-Shape waves


The wavy look is a simple way to give bounce, and thus drama, to your hair. Balding recommends a protection spray on your hair to prepare it for the heat-treatment that comes with the territory when using a curling iron. To make it simple, and modern, no need to curl your entire head. Just do the front and the ends of your layers.

3. Down-do and Low-ponytail


We’ve all heard of up-dos but what about a down-do? Start with a low-pony and wrap a strand around the elastic band, then pin it in place. Keep it all in place with a light hairspray like Workforce by Redken. Also try a chic low-ponytail … a more dramatic take on the classic high ponytail. To make this a little more fashion-forward, include a headband. Balding says that headbands were seen all over fashion week.

3. Loose up-do


Balding’s final recommendation is the up-do, which is made modern by making it piecey and curling the pieces that are not held back. With fashions looking a little more formal than previous years, hair should look neater, too. She also suggested using some flowered accessories – a big trend on the recent spring runway shows – to give this classic some flair.

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