For Quality and Convenience, Midtown has Your Fix: [Prada Grusel Brings Baliage Back]

“Location, location, location.” It’s a phrase we practically live by in New York, even when we’re choosing a hair salon. While we’ll all make sacrifices for certain services, it’s always a comfort to know that our go-to for a good cut is easily accessible. You never know when you’ll need a quick root touch-up, a last minute blow-out or a quick bangs trim. For such emergency situations, time is of the essence and for those who commute to and from Manhattan via Grand Central, you are in luck!

Prada Grusel, conveniently located on 43rd and Madison, offers commuters and non-commuters a quality, hip option for a quick cut, color treatment or all of the above and – early birds rejoice – it all starts at 7:30 a.m.

It was at Prada Grusel where I was reintroduced to an older method of coloring that is growing in popularity – baliage. Salon owner Hernan Prada gave me a quick baliage refresher course and reminded me why it is a preferred technique for highlighting.

BeautyNewsNYC: Hernan, why do you recommend baliage for highlighting hair versus foils?

Hernan Prada: Baliage is a relatively quick process that works with the hair’s natural pigment. It’s 100% ammonia free, and is the only technique that lets you get as close to the hairline as possible and color hair as it grows naturally. Hair will not appear to grow back in a distinct line, blatantly revealing your true color. Those who chose baliage only need to color hair three times a year at the most. It is a quick, easy process that allows for radiant, natural-looking color.

BN: I have blonde, highlighted hair. I’m sure this technique would work for me but what about those with very dark hair?

HP: Baliage isn’t for everyone – it will not give you drastic, dramatic results. It’s perfect for those looking for a boost in color. Baliage is a great option for brunette’s seeking caramel brown or copper tones.

BN: The last time I got baliage, the colorist used a brush. I notice you’re using a comb. Why the switch?

HP: Combs are now the preferred method. A comb allows you to pull hair from wherever you want to infuse color and allows for the color to be applied in a soft, natural way. It’s more precise and allows for a more balanced application of color.

BN: Are there any treatments you recommend when customers come in for a cut or color?

HP: Our philosophy here is healthy hair. We want to ensure your color stays bright and fresh and your hair stays healthy. We offer and encourage a Power Dose treatment with every cut or color. It only takes two minutes and leaves hair unbelievably light and shiny.

Whether you need a quick blowout before your nine o’clock or are tired of schlepping all over town for a haircut, check out Prada Grusel for a quality service right on the way home.

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