Fresh Start for 2005 – Head to Toe and Beyond


Jump start your look in the new year with these inspired new products to enhance, adorn, and refresh your spirit and body from the tip of your tiara to the toe of your silver Jimmy Choos.

HEAD: Start with celeb hairstylist Samy’s SMOOTH line of hair care products to treat dry, frizzy, distressed tresses of all lengths and textures in signature hot pink bottles. They smell heavenly and are chock full of luxurious vitamins. Check out Samy’s wares, which are all devoid of wax and chemicals, at If you want super-size shine in your hair, try ABBA True/Shine shampoo and conditioner, enriched with papaya, vitamins, white tea, and banana extract, and found at salons or Wish you had a shampoo and conditioner that would impart a shot of color to keep yours from fading? Now you do, courtesy of Color Glow. Whether red-haired, blond, or brunette, you’ll find your perfect match at If you have glorious curls, or would like them, Paul Brown’s Hawaii hair collection is specifically designed for you with nut oils and herbal hair-repair ingredients. Found at salons and

FACE: Join Alician Silverstone, Felicity Huffman, Ashley Judd, Zooey Deschanel and Jason Schwartzman y protecting your face from winter sun with Zia sunscreens. Infused with tea, cucumber, chamomle, gingseng and vitamin E, they’re greaseless and clean-feeling for snow bunnies or tropical beauties everywhere. They’re also vegetarian, eco-friendly, all natural, biodegradable, and cruelty-free. Available at and at Whole Foods and other natural beauty outlets.

If you’ve had too much sun on the slopes or poolside, you can resurface your skin with a gentle peel system from NeoStrata ($65), which includes a 30-day skin care regimen and ample moisturizer.

Kimberly Sayer of London, an esthetician and organic skin care expert, cultivates her own English garden and global botanicals for inspiration for her eponymous skin care line. Her high-quality, organic products boast cellular renewal, anti-aging, moisturizing and cleansing blends. Prices range from $25 per 6 oz for moisturizers and toners to $75 for 1 oz of vitamin C serum gel. Visit or call 212-414-7701.

L.A. make-up artist and entrepreneur Madge Thompson knows that subtle is gorgeous, and quality is enduring when it comes to make-up. Her Madge Kit ($48) includes mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, blush, brushes and moisturizer for traveling or simply keeping everything handy, and comes in two skin tones. See or call 1-866-Go-Madge.

West Palm Beach’s Garden of Life Clenzology system ($50) is truly something new under the sun. The system incorporates an ear solution, tooth and gum solution, AM & PM facial cleansers, an all-natural sponge for exfoliation, and hand and body soap that you “dip in to” and rake, as opposed to lift, rendering it similar to a fun, mud-pie making experience. See

Create your own spa experience at home with the surprisingly effective Spa Sciences Kit, which includes a pink and white battery-operated exfoliator, crystal exfoliation cream with grape seed oil, and ultra-soothing botanical moisturizing cream. Your skin will truly glow in appreciation. or 1-877-SPA-MASK.

Enjoy a mixed beauty cocktail from Doll Face, which offers an adorable variety of concoctions that include oatmeal, honey, pumpkin, and vitamins in retro-’50s glass jars. Check them out at, and read the interesting “most-asked beauty questions” too.

Christina Aguilara loves dermatologist Dr. Rick Noodleman’s Revercel cleansing and toning products, especially the warm pumpkin enzyme mask. You’ll love them too, though it’s not true they help your singing voice. Check them out at Utilize the botanicals of the sea with Algotherm’s Body care system. Brown Seaweed, brown algae, and panthenol leave your feeling as fresh as an ocean breeze. Found at fine spas throughout the world or at

If you want a super-potent skin care product with a medical-grade concentration of glycolic acid, try the pH Advantage skincare line. Available at Sephora and Nordstrom, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Cohen created this line to address specific skin problems through six different regimens. Willowherb, green tea and vitamins A, E, and C are included in these quality products.

EARS: Jewelry designer Jane Elizabeth’s spring/summer 2005 line foretells a fantastic year for your lobes. Her exquisitely delicate creations can be found at Verve, Poppy, TG-170, Cantaloup, Azaleas, and Lucia in NYC. Call 978-688-3553 to order direct.

LEGS: Italy’s Reve Avoix has a new and unbelievably beautiful treat for your legs: Gabrielle’s Leggings. These corset-tie leggings ($30) come in black (S,M, LG) with either cherry-colored ribbon ties, champagne/beige, or black ties at the hip and bottom, and are perfect for under skirts, as yoga leggings, and as a smoother under jeans. Check them out at or call 1-800-926-4022.

For perfect legs without spider or varicose veins, check out, the site founded by vascular surgeon Dr. Heshmat Majlessi. Also, Wild blueberry juice (vs. cultivated) is good for veins, memory, vision, and motor skills. The cream of the blueberry crop can be found in Wyman’s juices (

HANDS: 3LAB makes Perfect Hand Cream, which lives up to its name. Containing minerals from the Dead Sea and lactic acid for hydration, ths is a greaseless, creamy, freshly-scented product. ($35) Available at fine department stores and 212-737-0621.

Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Nail Lacquer ($18) in exotic amethyst and other rich earth tones for spring 2005 add a dash of glossy sophistication and lushness to nails. Check them out at and at fine department stores.

STOMACH: If the notion of sitting in place or doing chores while a machine works your abs out for you is appealing, consider the Slendertone FLEX belt. This FDA-cleared abdominal toner ($149), sold by Compex Technologies, is a dream come true for many. Electrodes gently stimulate the ab muscles, causing them to constrict as they would during a sit up or crunch. This was first used in Europe, where tighter abs are the norm in spite of delicious food. Visit for firmer abs in 2005.

Feet: Zia’s Ultimate Foot Scrub and Ultimate Foot Moisture are the perfect way to pamper tired feet when ushering in the new year. The scrub is infused with vitamin E and the Ultimate Foot Moisture softens with almond oil and vitamin A.

TEETH: Tired of all the work attached to flossing? Let Waterpik’s Power Flosser do the heavy lifting. The vibrating tips feel delightful. Keep those chompers sparkling clean in the new year.

AND BEYOND: Put the power of nature to work for you with PhytoChi’s Earth Power daily dietary supplement, which is a mixture of invigorating flowers and herbs for sustained energy and well-being ($20). ( Then keep colds at bay with a big mug of immunity-boosting Chinese herbs found in LongJiang River teas, enhanced with Luo Han Kuo fruit, ginseng, ginko, and beauty-building antioxidants ($24.95– $29.95). Found in health food stores or call 914-591-6520. Teas’ Tea is an amazing health libation as well. These bottled green teas, which range from delicate to robust, are sugarless and full of healthy, infection-fighting properties. Find them at health stores and

Spritz your spirit and skin simultaneously with Colorscience’s Aromatherapy Gem Spritzers ($15 each). These skin toners and mineral revitalizers come in six “color scents” and boast real gemstones in each can. Found in day spas, resorts, makeup artist’s studios and dermatology offices. Visit or call toll-free 1-800-866-4colore.

After trying out all of these products, you should be ready for everything the new year throws your way, and beautiful when receiving it all.

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[…] Fresh Start for 2005 – Head to Toe and Beyond | BeautyNewsNYC … Jump start your look in the new year with these inspired new products to enhance, adorn, and refresh your spirit and body from the tip of your tiara to the toe […]


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