Get Glamorous for Summer at the Oon Arvelo Salon

Now that summer’s here in full force, what about your hair? Does it need a bit of life or spark as we hit beach season? For me, fluid, highlighted strands reflecting light as I walk down the street in a torrid sun is the picture of summer – the one I replay in my head long after the hot weather is gone. What about you?

To get in the season’s mood and to help me create the loose and luxurious crown of hair I crave, I searched for a new colorist, one that would bring an extra level of glamour and create a perfect finish that gives you confidence no matter what kind of hair day you have. My research brought me to the Oon Arvelo Salon, a new salon on East 52nd street.

To achieve that vivid and flowing summer hair, the owners Peter Oon and Elvin Arvelo revealed to be experts. Both veterans in the industry, they honed their chops at Frederic Fekkai and worked side by side for many years before opening the Julien Sorel salon in 2001. With the opening of the Oon Arvelo Salon, they brought with them an experienced team that they have nurtured for years and with whom they have refined a personal vision.

Recognized in the industry as one of the leading hair colorists, Oon has a prestigious following ranging from royalty to celebrities, fashion models, beauty editors, and business leaders.

Many of Oon’s creations have been featured in fashion and beauty magazines as well as TV. Formerly a senior color designer at Frederic Fekkai Salon, Oon has the reputation of having a distinctive artistic flair. Though I wanted to go lighter, he advised me not to do it after assessing my color and facial complexion. Instead, he suggested that we create more dimension, recommending to keep a darker base and to bring a sweep of accented highlights that would vary in depth or not follow a strict pattern on the top. This way the blond would have more power and contrast.

After redefining my bottom color, he started a balayage technique that uses loose strokes to create highlights that flow and fade naturally. This technique worked particularly well at building dimension and dramatic depth in my color. The tone is bright, clean with subtle contrasts that make my hair color look really crisp and sexy. For each new client, a precise color formulation is created based on the client’s features and hair. He also suggested that a trim would help create fluidity and accentuate the new color even further.

While most salons have separate areas for color and styling, Oon Arvelo brings one big open space allowing communication between the different services and better customer service.

To cut hair, Elvin Arvelo is the man. Known for his innate sense of style and creative skills, Arvelo is considered to be one of the most innovative hair stylists in the world. Arvelo has the reputation to create effortless, glamorous haircuts that take in the client’s personality, face shape and hair texture to make it as unique as possible. With backstage work at top fashion shows for many prominent designers, Arvelo’s editorial work, including his signature up do’s and glamorous styles have been featured in the best fashion magazines.

With a few snips of his expert scissors he demonstrated why he is the designer of choice of some of New York elite, giving me a simple, elegant haircut that I can easily maintain without much interference.

“A great haircut is a unique portrait of style that complements a woman’s taste and lifestyle,” says Arvelo. “It is as individual as her personality.”

This haircut is perfect for me, it falls into shape immediately after I wash my hair even if I don’t blow dry it. It requires such little maintenance that it is a real investment in freedom for the New Yorker on the go I am.

I really enjoyed my time at the salon and love my hair cut and color. You will rarely see such high standards and attention to details in a New York salon in such a warm unpretentious environment. No snooty receptionists here and Oon and Arvelo are a joy to talk to with a real down to earth simplicity. Everyone works together as a group and continuously undergoes rigorous training and education to stay on top of the latest trends and cutting-edge techniques to make sure customers always benefit from anything new.

Another great thing: Oon Arvelo Salon is full-service salon offering hair color, cut & styling, hair treatments, manicures & pedicures, makeup application, waxing and more. You can get it all done in one visit and walk out looking and feeling fabulous.

If you are looking for a new place to get glamorous hair for summer and sport the latest summer trends, stop by this wonderful salon and be sure you will look your very best for the beach and beyond.

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The Oon Arvelo Salon is located at 12 East 52nd St on the 2nd Floor in NYC. To make an appointment, call 212 897-1800.

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