GLAMSQUAD Makes Blow Dry House Calls


I used to only dream of having my hair done professionally at home, so pinch me because my dream is now a reality. GLAMSQUAD, a new app-based beauty company that brings hair and beauty services to your doorstep, is only a touch away. They currently offer hair, make-up and nail services in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and in the Hamptons (summer only). When we spoke with Giovanni Vaccaro, the Creative Director of GLAMSQUAD, it was clear that GLAMSQUAD is poised to bring all types of beauty services to your doorstep.

Giovanni Vaccaro and Kelli Bartlett, Director of Makeup Artistry

“The sky is the limit for us as far as services,” Vaccaro said. But he stressed that GLAMSQUAD’s priority is to get the services they offer totally right before adding new ones. As Creative Director, Vaccaro’s job is to hire hair stylists, most of whom have a minimum of three to four years of experience prior to joining GLAMSQUAD. He also oversees the extensive 40-hour training program for stylists that includes a customer service component.

Vaccaro seems perfect for this job, having spent a decade as a stylist with Frederic Fekkai, prior to joining GLAMSQUAD. Lucky for GLAMSQUAD that Vaccaro was ready to make a move when Jason Perri, one of the co-founders of GLAMSQUAD, and a friend, approached him, discussed the company and asked Vaccaro to become GLAMSQUAD’s Creative Director. Vaccaro told us that he was already taking on more responsibility as a Brand Ambassor for Fekkai, and that he was ready for the challenge. “I’m somewhat of a risk taker,” he said.

This was a calculated risk given the high demand for in-home beauty services. When asked how GLAMSQUAD distinguishes itself from its growing competition, Vaccaro said, “The quality is the biggest differentiator. We own the outcome.” Part of achieving a quality outcome begins when the stylist arrives. “We do a thorough consultation to get to know the client, and to understand what happens to their hair when the humidity rises,” said Vaccaro.

GLAMSQUAD offers a specific menu of hairstyles to choose from, but Vaccaro told us that stylists could easily customize this menu to create any look. When your stylist arrives, you should have washed your hair already, unless you have chosen a braid or up do style, which should be dry.
I was eager to try out GLAMSQUAD’s hair service, particularly to see how they dealt with African-American hair like mine. When my stylist Jaime arrived, my hair was wet and ready for the test. Jaime very professionally laid out his tools after spreading a cute towel on my table, with GLAMSQUAD embroidered on it. I was impressed. Jaime, who said that he had ten years of experience, consulted with me about my hair and how I wanted to style it. I didn’t select any of the specific looks on the menu, but rather a slight variation. Jaime got right to work and in 45 minutes my hair was blown dry and styled to perfection right in my own living room! I was thrilled, and I am not someone who is easily pleased with my hair.

After my salon-at-home experience, I am spoiled and not eager to waste time waiting around in a hair salon. Could this put hair salons out of business, especially with a price that is only a few dollars more than most salon blowouts? Interestingly, Vaccaro sees GLAMSQUAD’s hair service as complementary to salon services. “We are as convenient as it gets. We wanted to keep it an affordable luxury. We want it to be a repeatable luxury,” he said.

It certainly will be for me. Next on my list is a manicure and pedicure while I lounge I front of my television. Where is my phone?

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