Go Ahead, Be Blunt


Anna Wintour has immortalized it. Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice, wears it with an English rock star meets American royalty style. Even Katie Holmes has ventured from under Tom’s wing and added charm to trend. What am I talking about, you want to know? Only the escalating
sensation of the blunt bob, I say.

According to David Wolfe, the creative director of The Doneger Group – who presented the What’s Next for Spring 2008- Women’s Trend Forecast at the MAGIC Apparel Show in August – simple, elegant silhouettes will overtake the busyness of past seasons. So don’t be surprised when classics like the tailored dress, pencil skirt and a boxy jacket duo evoke a sense of glamour – with the help of a chic hairstyle, like the bob, of course. The ‘clean cut’ look has just been reinvented; designers are no longer the sole proprietors of the scissor this season. Hair stylists everywhere are snipping away at excessive layers, making the shaggy styles so yesterday. “The blunt looks very sharp, sophisticated, says Suki Duggan, owner of Donsuki Salon & Spa. “When a new season comes the hair needs to be updated.”

This may be the most empowering hair cut yet. I know this because an hour at Donsuki Salon & Spa with Suki transformed my shoulder-length spastic layers into a manicured chin-length bob (plus blunt bang – she thought the China Doll look would suite me well). As an adventurous salon customer, I let Suki take the reigns, allowing her to use her expertise to cut as she pleases (though secretly hoping that I would leave with the sultry Beckham look). Instead, I left with the chic ‘I feel so European’ meets Anna Wintour look.

The blunt bob comes in several variations, making it versatile enough for practically everyone. Since my last haircut had and lots of layers, Suki deftly leveled the length and added roundness to the back -leaving me with a sort of ‘warm-up’ blunt bob. She told me to come back in six weeks when my hair grows out, leaving more room to create the edgier look that’s longer in the font and higher up in the back. The final result will creates a defined angling of the hair to the face. Most people achieve the desired look by gradually easing into the style. This style is perfect for finicky and length obsessed women because it can be created in stages. Start off longer and simpler and gradually create the perfect shape.

Once you have the cut, it’s easy to play with. The style adds a little pouf without the tease, creating height that gets rid of dreaded flat hair. Wear it sleek one day you or blow dry with a diffuser and Donsuki Conditioner & Texturizer for romantic waves. Want to look like you mean business? Apply the Donsuki Seaweed Gel (it smells fresh and makes hair frizz-free), then part in the center or the side. Shorter lengths have always been in style, particularly those with small faces, and women approaching 40s. “Everything begins to sag,” says Suki. “So the short hair can create an illusion of a facelift.” When it comes to younger clients, Suki has noticed that they tend to go longer to get a cleaner, simpler look.

I agree. The new cut gave me a sense of empowerment as I walk down Madison Avenue window shopping for Chanel. I smile back at the mannequins who sport a shorter version of my bob and remember what Suki said as we said good-bye. “You don’t have to worry that the trend
will change because it’s a timeless look.”

Donsuki Salon & Spa (http://www.donsukibeauty.com) is located at 19 East 62nd Street. For appointments call (212) 826- 3397.

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