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Masami Mekabu Shampoo

Ever since experiencing a ton of hair loss this past fall ( maybe Covid related but the jury remains unsure on that ), I’ve been investing more into my shampoos. High grade, salon quality, with the best ingredients, I’ve decided my hair shouldn’t have to take the brunt end of the budget while my face gets all the goodies.

Masami has exactly what I was looking for when looking for high quality hair care products with a particular focus on hydration without weighing hair down.

My hair is particularly lifeless and flat, so too much conditioner will flatten it to a sad state, but no hydration, such as when shampoos strip the hair of all its natural oils, leaves my hair crisp with the only solution to continuously trim the ends.

Masami hair care features mekabu, a plant native to Japan that lives in the sea and is also known as wakame or asian kelp.

The creators of the brand took one decade to develop their clean formula, a dedication to the art. The result? Extremely hydrating hair care products.

The Masami Shampoo

The Masami Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo has low foam and utilizes natural ingredients like apricot oil, coconut oil and kombu to bring nutrients to the hair as well as hydrate it. It’s safe for all types of hair, even those with curls or color, so no worries if you aren’t sure it won’t match your hair type. The shampoo also has no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol and is cruelty-free.

Masami Mekabu Shampoo Product

It’s no wonder this is such an award winning shampoo. I mean – look at all those circles.

But of course how did my personal test go?

My Beauty Test

For once in my life, I read the bottle before using the product ( new year new me ). It states that the shampoo does not have a strong lather, meaning you won’t get the foamy feedback that the shampoo is “doing things” to your hair. Less lather is a trait I’ve commonly noticed in higher quality shampoos.

It also states that you do not have to use a lot. Combine these two things and it can be incredibly easy to use more product than you need.

The bottle is quite small at 10 fl oz, meaning it’s almost the same as a cup of coffee ( Not mine since I like them in jug amounts, but for someone out there that’s normal). This seems alarming at first, but remember – you don’t need a lot.

The smell was of a slightly sweet, yet soft, botanical fragrance, which did not bother me. I used about 2-3 tablespoons for my hair ( thin, medium length ) and focused strictly on my scalp.

I could actually feel the difference in quality. I took my time to massage my scalp since there was no foam to alert me of my usage. After rinsing, my hair felt soft and smooth enough to not even put on conditioner. It was hydrated and happy which made me happy.

Also? Mission Driven – The Masami Institute

Of course, if you are taking from the environment, it’s always important to also give back. Sustainable practices and environmentally conscious efforts have to be prioritized rather than added as an altruistic bonus. Masami does this by establishing the Masami Institute.

The Masami Institute is a team located in the Iwate Prefecture of Northern Japan that is run by Masahiro Sasaki and Kazuya Yoshiro. Their goal is to work with local fisherman and coastline research groups to preserve and ethically harvest mekabu.

Mekabu Sample

The institute research team aims to educate others and protect the ocean’s ecosystem. With the establishment of Masami Institute, Masami shows their dedication to the ingredients of their product and to the environment that supports it, so eco-conscious consumers can rest easy.

TLDR: The Masami Conclusion?

I typically go into products with a skeptical indifference but was incredibly surprised by how wonderful the Mekabu Shampoo made my hair feel. It was hydrating, lightweight, with a pleasant scent and gelly cream like texture. I found myself taking the time to massage my scalp more which is an unintended side effect.

My new favorite shampoo? We will see, once the whole bottle is finished. If I never have to use conditioner again it just may be.


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