Hair and Skin Care Marriages:
A BN List of Brands with Both

For some women, one of life’s greatest pleasures is finding the perfect matching bra and underwear set. Other gals love the look of a simple sweater tee and matching cardigan. And of course there’s the simplistic elegance of an exquisitely fitting pants suit. I have never been a girl to care about such things. Matching was something my mother always viewed as overrated; a belief she inevitably passed on to me. I grew up wearing a mixture of clothing and accessories that was as eclectic as social graces would allow – and to this day don’t think I’ve ever purchased any sort of “set” other than a pair of shoes – can’t really get out of that one. But for some unknown reason, I have started to become interested in this “matching” phenomenon, and of course what piqued my interest was the idea of a consolidated hair/skin care line.

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by all the options out there for cosmetics, particularly in hair and skin care since it’s something we view as a necessity. Some brands have recognized women’s need for efficiency, ease of purchasing and the power of brand loyalty through their creations of a consolidated system whereby women can find everything they need under one recognizable sticker. The following companies have done just that, and while they have dozens of products in their line-ups, BN has selected just a few of both the hair and skin care in each that are worth getting matchy-matchy over.

Avalon Organics

With a commitment to environmental consciousness and sustainability, Avalon Organics has become a household name among eco-conscious beauty addicts. The company’s products, available at natural markets such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, are formulated without parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances or artificial colors. In addition, the products are created with organic agriculture, choosing ingredients like organic essential oils, plant oils and botanical extracts. The brand’s Nourishing Lavender Shampoo shares a key ingredient with its Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub. Both use organic lavender to promote softness and shine to hair and skin. The shampoo uses organic aloe and vitamins to moisturize normal to dry hair and the scrub uses licorice root and coleus to protect new skin against irritation.

Ole Henrikson

It’s cheesy, yes, but we can’t help saying Ooh-la-la for Ole Henrikson and his luscious line of hair and skincare products. (His first name is pronounced “ooh-la” so it was just too easy folks.) The Denmark-native came from a tiny village and began pursuing a career in cosmetics after traveling through Indonesia, where he began to experience cystic acne. He found that natural treatments gave his skin relief and he became passionate about the benefits of products infused with natural ingredients. His effective complexion treatments that incorporate natural extracts with state-of-the-art equipment at the OLEHENRIKSEN FACE/BODY Spa on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood have attracted all sorts of celebs who now flock there not just for the skincare, but the hair products too. Like Ole’s skincare – of particular note, the Pure Perfection nourishing night creme – his hair care incorporates the richest natural ingredients to leave hair supple. The Natural Hair Wash with Sea Kelp uses plants from the sea along with kukui nut and awapuhi to moisturize as well as chamomile and plumeria to condition and give hair movement and shine. Ole’s products are available at select Sephora stores.

Juni and Glimpse by Xango

In Xango’s Juni™ line, all products – whether for hair or skin – are enriched with a blend of mangosteen actives that saturate with phytonutrients. Pure botanicals and fresh lavender (a signature essential oil blend, to be precise) are behind Juni’s purifying, hydrating magic. The line prides itself on not using sulfates in its products – nor does it use silicones or other harmful chemicals. For skin care, the Gentle Body Bar is a standout, with its Pericarp grains that gently exfoliate the skin and mangosteen/Pericarp Oil infusion to soothe and nourish it. The conditioner also takes a cue from the essential oil tip with its sunflower seed oil and Murumuru seed butter. And if the Juni body wash, lotion and body bar are not quite enough to quench your skin’s thirst, Xango also boasts an ultra-rich skincare line, Glimpse™. It, too, incorporates the Southeast Asian mangosteen, or “Queen of Fruits,” into its Complete System of cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers. All Xango products are available at select retailers which can be discovered through the company’s website,

Jason Everyday Natural Care

According to Jason Everyday Natural Care, eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables can help nourish and radiate hair. It can do the same for the skin. The brand’s Normalizing Shampoo with rosewater and chamomile gently cleanses and balances a scalp’s pH while removing residue and buildup. To complement the hair cleansing, Jason’s Rosewater Glycerine Satin Shower Body Wash combines natural oils, emollients and humectants to create a foamy, luxurious bath potion. The hair and body wash share a love for chamomile as well as a distinct rosewater scent. Both can be found at select Stop & Shop and Whole Foods markets.

Votre Vu

Although the chic-luxe French company only officially launched a year ago, Votre Vu is lauded as incorporating age-old French traditions in its line of skin care. Its hair care benefits from that same attention to detail and quality. Sold only online and through independent consultants, Votre Vu boasts some 50 naturally-based premier anti-aging products, including face crèmes and serums, slimming gelees and shampoos. The brand’s Cheveux Heureux Conditioner Riche helps enhance hair to give it it fullness and body through a base of botanicals. Pronounced “hero” and meaning “happy,” this conditioner incorporates vegetable peptides, wheat protein and natural UV-inhibiting antioxidant power. And to complement the conditioner’s heroism, we suggest the Full Benefits Crème de Jour Mature Skin, which utilizes the jam-packed sweet potato for its hormone production stimulation capabilities. The vegetal peptides in the crème act deep within the cells to maintain their moisture balance and stimulate cellular metabolism. The grape see extract works to reinforce the anti-aging action of the intensive treatment.

Noah’s Naturals

For a budget natural line that has both skin and hair care answers – look no further than Noah’s Naturals, particularly if you’re partial to grapefruit. The Grapefruit Shampoo with soy protein and Vitamin B5 infuses hair with naturally-derived plant ingredients to provide strength, shine and protection. Also taking advantage of natural emollients, the Anti-Aging Gel Cleanser from Noah’s is specifically formulated for oily, acne-prone and combination skin. It works to restore suppleness to the skin, similar to the shampoo’s effort toward your locks. A true drugstore gem, Noah’s can be found at Wal*Mart and Walgreens stores.

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