Hair Care for the Modern Man


For a long time guys lived by the motto “A little dab’ll do’ya” when it came to hair care. They didn’t put too much thought into what brands they were buying and what specialty products were available to them. For a long time, men did not understand for the life of them why their girlfriends and wives had no less than 17 bottles of hair product in the bathroom closet. Well, with the advent of the metrosexual in the late ’90s and the men-focused product revolution of the early 2000’s, a number of lines – whether new to the market or released by industry bigwigs – have launched with men in mind. And men (myself included) are shamelessly eating it up.

The Guy on the Go

I will admit it, I am high maintenance. I take a little more time than necessary to get ready whenever I leave my apartment. This obviously isn’t the ideal routine if I happen to oversleep or am running behind. Newly launched brand Towel Dry takes all of this to heart in its line of products aimed at the guy who wants to be in and out.

Towel Dry’s two-step process includes a conditioning shampoo and high-performance styler available for all hair types. Armed with only 20 minutes to prep before brunch and the brand’s Thick/Curly hair formula, I was determined to make this a quick and easy morning. The brand is true to its motto – I was ready in no time. Thanks to the styling paste, my mop of curly locks was held in perfect place with little trouble at all. Visit for an inside peek at the products.

To make it even easier than Towel Dry does, some brands are making amazing all-in-one washes that cleanse the hair and the body. Votre Vu’s Formule 1 Men’s 3-in-1 Hair, Face and Body wash delivered the overall haul it promised. The luxury skin-care line’s newest addition to their cadre of men’s product (available at has a great fresh scent and left my hair and body clean and fresh all from one little container. For the business traveler, the brand’s 3 oz. size is the perfect carry-on and eliminates the need to carry several tiny tubes of products.

The folks at Redken have also jumped on the all-in-one bandwagon with their Mint Rush Hair & Body Wash. This re-invigorating, mint-laden all-over wash woke me up, left a refreshing feeling all over my body and left my hair and skin moisturized and smooth. To finish off my look, a generous dollop of High Rise Hard Wax worked my shaggy brown mane into my trademark McDreamy-esque coiffe. Both can be found at

The High Maintenance Man

As mentioned above, I take my time when I get ready. I’m a product junkie and like to use as many as I can when I get ready.

After 10 years of research and tweaking, Philip Pelusi has launched an incredible men’s line aimed at someone such as myself. From the brand’s Roots collection, The Lite Serum rejuvenated my hair leaving it looking thicker and shinier than before. To finish, Pelusi’s Texture Groom held my style in place without leaving it weighed down or sticky. His products can be found at

While not a male-specific line, Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree products are perfect for guys who want to go the extra mile with their grooming ritual. Start with the Lemon-Sage Thickening shampoo and conditioner. Then, depending on how you want to finish your look, Paul Mitchell’s assortment of Tea Tree styling products help you achieve the look from super polished to wild night out, available at

To keep myself sleek at the office Tea Tree Grooming Pomade was the perfect product. Its clean scent and superb hold kept my naturally un-tamable hair in place and left it looking shiny and smooth. When the days were done and I was kicking my heels up on the town, Tea Tree Styling Wax was perfect, giving the right amount of hold while still looking tousled and cool.

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