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Women in India take great pride in beautiful hair. Traditionally worn long or in braids but often thick and coarse, Indian hair requires a lot of upkeep to maintain control and bring out luster and body. With an estimated 13,000 different plant species to work with and a 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic healing tradition, India is well-known for inventive and time-tested botanical remedies that women share from generation to generation to treat anything from frizz, dryness, coarseness, dandruff to hair loss.

According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, beauty is first achieved from within. An inner healthy balance is key in the Ayurvedic system to express harmony in one’s appearance, which includes having healthy and strong hair. The practice of yoga and meditation can help to achieve that essential balance as well as a diet full of green leafy vegetables and coconut. It is strongly suggested to stay away from over-processed foods as they deplete the body of its energy and will make hair look tired, frazzled and old. In line with the philosophy, try to sprinkle black pepper and cumin on everything you eat as these spices are nourishing to the hair. Drink cappuccino with cumin sprinkled on the froth and wait to see results!

Other simple advice includes oiling your hair at least once a week and always before washing it in order to protect the delicate balance of the hair shaft. Never brush your hair when it is wet – this will cause your hair to split. Avoid harsh detergent shampoos and instead try to wash your hair regularly with Samrat Shikakai Powder or Shikakai Paste. Another ingredient to look for in products is Amla (an Indian Goose berry). A popular Ayurvedic remedy and potent antioxidant, it is known to rejuvenate hair when applied topically. Its astringent nature adds luster and shine to the hair. A hair mask made out of Amla powder, olive oil and plain yogurt will replenish flat, tired looking hair and add vibrancy and flexibility. You can also eat Amla to nourish and rejuvenate your hair from the inside out. Find it in the frozen section of Indian grocery stores or from different import web sites.

If these natural remedies sound like too much work, you can opt for the new KeRASI Indian Oil Serum to give a boost to your hair in one quick step. With a blend of Indian traditional plant remedies and western efficacy, it includes a Triphala Radiance™ Silk Complex and is formulated with Saffron (Kerasi means Saffron), Sea Buckhorn, Jojoba Seed oil, Vitamin E and a rich cocktail of extremely healing botanical extracts from the Indian hair care tradition. It does not load up the hair with oil but restores the right balance of moisture so that your hair feels pliant and does not lose its bounce. Especially recommended for coarse and frizzy hair, it works well if you blow-dry hair frequently. Use a pea-sized amount when hair is still wet working from the ends to the roots then allow hair to dry naturally to absorb the serum. Only use a blow dryer once your hair is 90 percent dry. Dab a little oil on your hair after the blow-dry to seal extra moisture if you need a little extra polish.

Available at

Saffron is known in India as the Spice of the Gods. It takes 75,000 blossoms of the saffron crocus to make a single pound of Saffron. The Kerasi serum became a “cause célèbre” at the MTV movie awards last month and Justin Bieber made it his product of choice. In NYC, Robert Stuart of the Robert Stuart Salon teamed with Kerasi beauty to offer the ultimate Kerasi blowout treatment to take away any humidity or frizz challenge this summer.

The Kerasi Serum can be purchased at the Robert Stuart Salon for at 461 Columbus at 82nd street, NYC or at

Whether you have the time to explore old fashioned Indian recipes or prefer the quick fix of a serum, the world of Indian hair beauty is well worth discovering, especially if your hair gets frizzy – as it does for most any woman in the summer months.

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I would like to buy Kerasi indian oil serum/ Do you know where?


thanks for inquiring,
you can buy the product at or at Robert Stuart Salon in Manhattan
461 Columbus Ave at. 82nd St. or at

Barbara Dion

Where to buy?


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