Hair Indulgence:
Give Those Locks the Lux


It was back in August that the retail world made us well-aware of the approaching holiday season; many stores skipping the in-between holidays altogether and moving right on to Christmas decorations, music and a forced cheer that we couldn’t snub.


But even if back then you tried your best to ignore the impending holiday season, there’s no way of getting away from it now. December is here, and there’s no more time to procrastinate. If you’re having trouble thinking about what sorts of gifts to give your beauty-obsessed friends, or simply need to give yourself one, we have a few ideas that might do the trick.

First off, focus on one beauty category to narrow down your choices – in this case we’ve decided on our lovely locks, which we don’t feel bad about spoiling every once in a while. We found a few things that give the word splurge a whole new hair-worthy meaning. Whoever it is that you’re buying will never forget this one. So buck up and spend a buck. You’ll thank us later. Either that or you’ll have to find a second job to pay the bill. Our bet is on the former, so take a risk and get shopping!


Techno Treat – Frederic Fekkai Overnight Hair Repair ($195)
Fekkai is no stranger to our hair, so an advanced hair repair might be just what its been waiting for after a tease-worthy taste of Fekkai fabulous-ness from those luscious samples we’ve probably all treated it to at one point or another.

Fekkai’s Overnight Hair Repair ( packs an uncanny amount of technical genius into 3.4 little ounces. The “Repair Patch Technology” is hard at work renewing and repairing your damaged hair while the rest of you is sleeping tight. You might think otherwise, but no flaky residue will be left on your pillow in the morning because your hair will suck it all right up when you apply it. To use it, apply the serum to dry hair before bedtime, wake up, shampoo, condition and style as usual. Repeat the process every other day for two weeks and then a few times a week for as long as your hair needs.

Style Splurge – Orlo Haircut ($800)
No, you’re not seeing double and yes, there are two zeroes after that 8. Eight hundred dollars is how far a snappy snip will set you back at Orlo, the infamously hush-hush salon the Meatpacking District (they’re so exclusive they don’t even have a website). Orlando Pita, who has been in the business for more than 20 years, draws crowds from all parts of the U.S. who are looking to get their time in his chair. The “hair hospital” attracts celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, and as you can imagine, it takes months to get some coveted Orlando scissor time.


Perhaps his tools are made of diamonds, or maybe you get one in your martini while he cuts. Wishful thinking, but at $800, there must be some magic at work. If you think you can swing it, by all means get that special someone on the waiting list. Or, if you think it’s a stretch, at least get him/her/yourself in with one of Orlando’s personally trained staff. You never know, maybe Madge will be sitting one chair over.
Orlo Salon

34 Gansevoort St
New York, NY 10014
T: 212.242.3266

Bawlin’ Brush – Mason Pearson Large Extra All Boar Bristle Hair Brush ($230)
The last time you passed by the Discovery Channel and saw a sounder of wild boar roaming the open plain, it’s doubtful you stopped to watch more, unless perhaps you own a Mason Pearson brush. What do the two have in common? Mason Pearson ( brushes are made with all natural boar hair. Though some options are made with a blend of boar and nylon bristles, the company’s largest and most expensive offering is 100 percent boar hair. The large brush is 9 inches long and 3 ¼ inches wide with 8 rings of extra stiff boar bristle tufts.


According to Stanley, owner of the Christopher Stanley ( salon, whatever the cost of the brush – it’s worth it. He recommends the nylon blend version (a bit less expensive at $130) and suggests using it daily. Stanley specifically advised to use the brush after a workout so the unique bristles can grab the essential oils from your sweat at the base of your hair and spread them from the top to bottom of each hair.

Extravagant Exploration – Kerathermie Treatment ($150)
You may have heard of Kerastase’s treatments and products, but until you get the process done at a salon, you cannot give it its due credit. Butterfly Studio ( on 5th Ave. is one of Kerastase’s flagship salons, offering the treatments in a sleekly designed room that creates a salon within a salon. Housed inside translucent glass walls is the Kerastase Treatment Institute, where clients can treat every one of their moisture-deprived follicles to one of the three specialized processes that Butterfly Studio offers.


Each treatment is custom-prescribed to meet your individual hair needs and includes a rejuvenating scalp, neck and shoulder massage along with a blow dry afterward.

Butterfly Studio
149 5th Ave., 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10010
T: 212.253.2100

Swanky Straightener – NEW GHD Styler ($240)
With the weather getting quite chilly and the breeze blowing, we can finally say goodbye to the humidity that plagued so many of our heads for the grueling summer months. Frizzy-hair sufferers know, winter can be like heaven for hair. Now that it’s here, we can happily straighten without the worry that in a matter of hours, each little lock will have a creeping curl approaching.


For the ultimate in straightening success, GHD’s NEW Styler is it. ( The new styler boasts an improved body shape and curved barrel to making both straightening and curling easier. And, if you, or your friends are the forgetful busy-bee type that realize half way through the work-day that your straightener is still on and you may come home to a pile of ashes rather than an apartment, the sleep feature is a godsend. That’s right, just like your computers, if the iron isn’t in use for more than 30 minutes, off it goes. It’s also great for travelers because it has a universal voltage feature that senses the incoming voltage levels. If that doesn’t sell you, the iron comes with an instructional DVD. What friend wouldn’t love you forever for getting them a new iron and a movie in the same box? True, it’s no Wedding Crashers, but any hair tool that comes with a DVD in the box makes a pretty nifty gift.

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