Hair: What Guys Really Think

A woman’s hair is her identity. It symbolizes what’s going on inside of her head and what she’d like to portray to the world. It reveals ethnic backgrounds, social class, age. It is our most personal adornment.

It is only natural that we are concerned with its appearance and, of course, what the other half thinks of it. But does it really matter if you look more like Audrey Hepburn rather than Gisele Bundchen. For most guys probably not – then again, everybody’s different.

As a woman, I can only approach this question with the most practical thoughts that I can summon. What do I know about how men think after all. I can only imagine that they’re not that much different than women’s opinions. And there must be some logical reason why I’d never consider cutting my hair above my ear. Right?

Some men I know have given me some insight, and I’ve discovered the following factors definitely override short, long, blonde or brunette.

If you skipped your shower this morning, your hair is ratting on you. Your hair communicates a message to others and tells them how well you take care of yourself and nonverbal cues are key in dating. If it looks oily, then chances are that someone new won’t want to get too close to you. Stay with me here, we’re going from most obvious down to least.

Bone structure
Some shoes just don’t fit. Some women have faces that are better suited to longer hair or shorter hair. Look at celebrities, for example. These women have all the money in the world to consult with stylists. There is something to be learned from them. Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston both have long hair – well beyond their girlish years – because it is more flattering to a larger nose. While Katie Holmes, who has a tiny face, has short hair.

Personal style
This is where color comes into play. As your hair is a large part of the snap judgment that someone makes on you, it becomes part of their memory of you. To become more memorable to a man, engaging the five scenes is key. We’ll get into this later.

Your hair can give us information about what type of music you listen to, if you’re low maintenance, high maintenance and if you’d eat a hot dog at the ballpark. Just keep in mind that in regard to personal style, your hair is like any other accessory that you wear, and should match the overall ‘message’ of your outfit.

The issue of femininity
Hair is one of our greatest feminine assets. It gives us the gift of length. We have dozens of options for styling. Men take these messages and then retain a memory about you from them. What they see, touch, hear, taste and smell dictate their impression of you. If you want a piece of advice, smell is the most important. The scent of a woman is critical for men. It starts in childhood – the first time they enter a girl’s room and look around – and they discover that girls look, act and smell differently than they do. At that moment, girls gain a little ground in a boy’s mind. We become mysterious. We leave them wanting to know more.

Your hair should give men something to consider after you’ve left. Whether you’ve wowed them with your strength and independence, with your scent or with your ability to out-style everyone else in the room, it’s part of what makes you, you.

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