No Time like Holidays for Hair [A BN Buying Guide]

Christmas? Hanukah? New Year’s? Again? Already? How’d that happen?

Like it or not, it’s time to start racking your brain and counting your change to gather all the right ideas, and just the right amount of dough, to buy gifts for your friends, family, coworkers, friends’ families, family’s friends, boyfriend’s family, coworkers…oh, you know the drill. To our delight, despite a grim-looking fiscal forecast, hair products are dropping like flies, right into our shopping carts (metal or online) that is – and we can’t help but concede to purchase.

Here are a few great ideas for how to keep your wallet reasonably fat while still spreading ample cheer through anything from a stocking stuffer to a big time hair toy.

A “New” Spicy way to Shampoo

You can smell the store from blocks away and once you walk by it, it’s impossible not to pop in and see where the organic, fruity waft of air is coming from. LUSH has four locations in Manhattan so there’s no excuse not to grab a few of the company’s innovative little baubles for your female friends. And if you’re not in the city, you can always shop on the website at

For a gift anyone would be fond of, we suggest the New shampoo bar, in the signature circular and chic tin for easy transportation and containment. This active cleansing bar will get rid of product residue, dirt and grime and fill your shower with a potent scent of mint, cinnamon leaf, clove, rosemary and nettle. And the tin can be reused when you are ready to return to LUSH for a new bar. It will drop perfectly into a stocking or a tiny gift bag and won’t break the bank.

For that Very Special (and Frizzy) Friend

Though we may want to treat everyone in our lives to extravagant pleasures, the truth is there are usually only one or two people in our lives we can really go all out on (unless of course we’re a Trump descendent and the recent dip in global cash doesn’t phase us). For a very special girl who deserves the works – and who might be in need of some significant smoothing – Sedu brings us its newest iron; Revolution.

Complete with sleek packaging and how-to DVD, the Sedu Revolution Nano Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Styler is the quintessential luxury flat iron, and a solid performer to boot. Perfect for those holiday styles (see the Style article in this month’s hair section for more holiday styling tips), the Sedu Revolution can be purchased through or directly through Sedu’s website.

Burn Candles, Not Yourself

With all the blow drying, curling and straightening you’ll surely be putting your hair through for all the various holiday parties this season, it’s inevitable that you’ll accidentally touch those hot tools to your skin – and when you do, it’s not pretty. The last thing you want on your neck during your first appearance at your boyfriend’s grandmother’s house or your boss’ annual bash is a welt that’s all too hickey-like. Luckily, Burn Jel Plus is there to help soothe those scathing wounds and allow you to enjoy your parties with rarely a memory of your hellish mishap.

Developed by Water-Jel Technologies, Burn Jel Plus contains Lidocaine for fast-acting pain relief which provides controlled cooling of the burn site by acting as a heat exchanger. The product continues to cool and soothe the skin with vitamin E and tea tree oil. This is a great gift that will bring a smile to the face of anyone whose come into the office with a straightener burn one too many times. Plus it’s available at most major drug stores so you won’t have to hunt for it.

For the McDreamy in Your Life

Some men are just blessed with gorgeous locks ala Grey’s lover, known best as McDreamy. You might be lucky enough to have such a follicle-ly blessed male sharing your bed, or perhaps you just have a great male friend who isn’t afraid to show adoration for his hair.

For such a man, Redken’s Invigorate and Style gift set will let him know you’ve noticed his great hair without any intention to emasculate. It includes Redken For Men Mint Clean Shampoo which strengthens hair and stimulates the scalp with refreshing, cooling sensations and also includes Redken For Men Outplay Texture Putty which creates chunky separation and matte finish on any man willing to put an extra minute or two into his grooming regiment. Visit to be directed to participating salons.

Wrap it Up with a Nice Red Bow

If you’re looking to stuff a stocking with something a little more substantial, but still small enough to fit in a crimson sock, Phyto has a great idea for you.

The company brings some of its best products to us this season in a travel and holiday-friendly package. A cute and limited edition gold case and red bow wrap up some Travel Faves like the Phyto 7 daily hydrating botanical cream, Phytojoba shampoo and the Phytojoba masque for intense hydration. You can find your fave Phyto products at any Sephora store.

Give the Gift of Youth

Speaking of your boyfriend’s grandmother, you can impart some of your impressive knowledge on hair preservation to her or any of your other friends through a new luxe product from Alterna. The company’s CAVIAR Anti-Aging Flexible Hold Hair Spray is not only a high-performance quick dry product, it also is the first to deliver the anti-oxidant CoQ10, which repairs and protects the hair and scalp from environmental stressors that age hair.

Alterna’s Age Control Complex adds elasticity and moisture and the non-aerosol nozzle is ergonomically designed to deliver an ultra-fine mist. Featuring Alterna’s Color Hold™ and UVA/UVB protection, the spray is available at Fred Segal Studio,,,, Ulta stores and high-end boutiques and salons worldwide.

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