Holiday Gift Guide: BN’s Picks Put Best Hair Forward


Gift-giving. It never gets easier. With every year come even more options, making the decision process all the more intimidating. Don’t let it get to you. Accept that every girl in your life, be it your best friend, sister, girlfriend, mom, aunt, niece or grandma, has some sort of hair compulsion, and will love if your gift addresses it. So whatever your favorite gal’s hair woe or whim, we have suggestions for you. Happy holiday hair to you and yours – now get gifting with these…

For the Eco-Friendly Friend

Created by editorial stylist Mordechai Alvow, Yarok products are formulated using only all-natural, wild-crafted and responsibly-harvested plant ingredients that have been chosen for their medicinal and sensory benefits throughout history.

The line of products is created in small quantities as opposed to factory-style production, so as to preserve freshness and integrity. Gifting your eco-minded bestie the Yarok Holiday Deluxe Hair Styling Set will not only make her feel good about her shampoo, it will make her feel like you’re uber-socially and eco minded too as three percent of Yarok’s annual profits will be donated to the Pachamama Alliance, a non-profit that protects over 10 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest. The set comes with products new to 2011 like the Feed Your Roots Mousse and Feed Your Ends Leave-in Conditioner. And if you’re really generous, splurge for the Holiday Premier Total Hair Care Set. Available at

For the Hair-Bling Lover

We’re fairly confident that any beauty-loving babe is into a little hair bling – it’s just that there’s really no appropriate time to sport it outside the month of December. Sparkly headbands, feather extensions, bejeweled clips – it all seems out of place when you’re not romping around Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. But since this month you probably are, we say go for the gold…or silver, or bronze, or multi-colored feathers!

Both POP and Fine Featherheads are bringing you feathers this season – after the trend had such a successful run, why not keep it going? Plus, POP’s offering is cruelty-free. We think the trend’s pretty much on its last legs, but if you never got a chance to give a feather extension a whirl, the holidays are your chance and these brands are making it easy at-home. Visit and for options.

And for those more traditional holiday goers who tend to choose the sparkly sequin route, Goody has a Glam line called just that. Goody Glam is available exclusively to Wal-Mart through March, so for we city folk, head to the website. No doubt these polished bows and gems are slightly more youthful than we’re used to, but those of us with little ones can always use that as the scapegoat and when it’s time to spice up that holiday dress, little Suzy won’t blame you for borrowing!

For the (Wannabe) Brazilian Bombshell

Straightening treatments have been catching a lot of heat lately (pun alert) for dangerous chemicals and toxins, but there are still plenty of girls out there who want to go all the way with straightening, no matter what the potential cost. Give them an out this season with the KeratinPerfect 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System Deluxe Edition. Sure, it’s a commitment, but isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are for?

The kit has enough products for two treatments, including PerfectPrep Pre-Treatment Clarifying Shampoo, PerfectSilk Keratin Enhanced Conditioner and other shampoos and conditioning products to treat, care for and maintain hair health. In addition, it packs a measuring cup, comb, clips and the PerfectHeat Deluxe Titanium Keratin-Sealing Flat Iron. What more could a straight-shooting (we’re talking hair department people) friend ask for? Available at Sephora.

For the Hay-haired Sufferer

We’ve all got one – in fact, maybe we’re her. That girl whose hair has just suffered too much damage and is now officially dry and brittle. Thank goodness we (or she) has companies like Redken who come to save the dry-hair day.

The brand’s new All Soft like is reformulated with Redken’s exclusive new delivery system, the Interlock Protein Network, and Keratin Enrich Complex, as well as Argan oil – all of which restore hair’s protein and provide intense softness and deep conditioning. A holiday gift set delivers the new line and its All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner, a travel size All Soft Heavy Cream softening rinse-out mask and a sample of All Soft Argan-6 multi-care oil. Visit for more.

Bumble and bumble also has a solution for damaged hair sufferers needing a pretty gift set to lift their spirits and obviously their tired strands too. The Mending Affair set includes the line’s Mending Shampoo and Conditioner, which help begin a hair’s repair without stripping color, wilting perms or reverting chemical straightening. The once-per-week Mending Masque will help restore strength and increase elasticity. Available at Bumble and bumble salons and wherever Bb products are sold.

For the City Deal Seeker

If ever there’s a time to splurge on yourself, it’s during the holidays. After all, you’re spending all that money on everyone else, why not spend some on yourself? That’s why your friends will love a gift that will save them a little dough while giving in to such behavior – make them feel a little better during a gift-buying, self-indulgent diversion.

Rita Hazan is offering a holiday promo at her midtown salon: book a blowdry and manicure or blowdry and makeup application before December 15th (appointment must be made from Dec. 15th thru Jan. 2nd) and you’ll get 20 percent off the services. Surprise that friend of yours whose always surfing Groupon, Bloomspot, Gilt City and the like with an appointment and either fork over the dough yourself and save a few pennies or tell her you did her a favor by getting it on the schedule and saving her 20 percent! At the Angelo David Salon, receive a complimentary manicure with a haircut or blowdry (new clients only) during December, a complimentary manicure with a purchase of an Angelo David Gift Card of $50 or more or a complimentary comb with a purchase of the Angelo David large paddle brush. Rita Hazan is located at 720 5th Ave. on the 11th floor, and Angelo David is at 48 East 43 Street, 2nd floor.

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