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Women use a total of 12-20 personal care products a day that contain upwards of 200 chemical ingredients. According to the Environmental Working Group, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that advocates for health-protective and subsidy-shifting policies, 33 percent of personal care products contain at least one ingredient linked to cancer.

But fret not beauty addicts. Self-proclaimed “worshiper of plant intelligence” and Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher recently unveiled his latest endeavor – Intelligent Nutrients – a new line of certified organic health and beauty products that include certified organic hair care and styling options.

Intelligent Nutrients comes from Aveda’s founder

Unlike other “greenwashed” products (i.e. when a company misleads consumers about its environmental practices or the environmental benefits of its products), Intelligent Nutrients Hair & Scalp Care and Hair Stylist products are certified organic by the USDA’s Natural Organic Program and the UK’s Soil Association. Made with 100 percent non-toxic plant chemistry, the products are free of sulfates, petrochemicals, plastics, phthalates, formaldehyde donors, heavy metals, silicone, mineral oil, petrolatum and 1.4 dioxane (an ether possibly carcinogenic to humans).

All products in the Intellignet Nutrients line are made with Inntellimue Seed Oil Complex, a USDA certified organic nutraceutical supplement that contains high levels of antioxidants to help prevent premature aging and combat oxidative stress. The complex contains a blend of black cumin, pumpkin, red grape, red raspberry and cranberry seeds. The hair care products are sulfate-free and made with natural surfactants to create a safe and natural cleansing lather. Preservative-free, airless packaging allows for continued performance over time.

Product Highlights:

Certified Organic Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil

As the weather begins to cool, many people will suffer from dry scalp. This oil treatment provides nourishment to an irritated scalp and can be used prior to coloring to reduce damage for superior results. Take advantage of the products’ other multifunctional uses – apply a small amount to tame frizz and static, use as a pre-shave conditioner or as a total body massage oil.

Certified Organic Spray-On Detangler

Safe for color-treated hair, this detangler softens stubborn hair and prepares for styling while conditioning and protecting hair from future damage. Use on clean, damp hair to detangle. While you’re at it, reapply to dry hair to eliminate static and condition even further.

Certified Organic Perfect Hold Hair Spray

Unlike other hair sprays, Perfect Hold is made with water-soluble sap to help hold hair in place rather than dangerous chemicals that act as a liquid plastic. Safe to inhale unlike chemical hair sprays that can create a film on the lungs, this spray can be used on all hair types for a natural, flexible hold. In addition to keeping your style in place, this spray can also be used as a waterless, cleansing quick-drying tonic between shampoos.

All Intelligent Nutrient products can be found at or in New York at the Scott J. Salon on Columbus Ave.

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