It’s Cool. It’s Chic. It’s Rebellion in a Bottle
Scott Fontana’s Line Raises Eyebrows

Every once in a while, a hair care line is introduced that deserves a (for lack of a better phrase) grand introduction. We see lots of new hair products every month. Every week. Ok, every day. Really, we do. That said, it’s easy to become jaded – to take for granted the innovation many products bring forth. But not when the line is bad ass.

Yea, we said it. We had to; that’s its name; the hottest new hair line we’ve come across in recent months. (Please excuse our language as we refer to this hair care line throughout the story – we’re sure you won’t mind, but just in case we’re warning you ahead of time.)

Badass Hair is the brainchild of Fontana Brands and Scott Fontana, the company’s CEO. You know you’ve found something hot when you log onto the website and Motley Crue tunes start blasting through your speakers. Its brand motto consists of three, to-the-point phrases: American in Style. Rugged in Attitude. Defiantly Creative.

“I believe that Badass Hair is unique because it’s simple,” says Scott. “I didn’t go to the core of the earth to find my ingredients. Did Jesse James build his bikes using something other than metal? No. Did Ed Hardy use something other than cotton to design his clothes? No. They used what works. And so did I.”

His line consists of 29 different products in shampoo, conditioner, styling and finishing categories and the best part is that even though they’re off-the-cuff, the products really work – for everyone. The product’s names include “Up All Night,” “Ecstasy Luxury Shampoo,” “Luminosity,” “Phat,” “Wicked Mint,” and several other edgy, push-the-envelope titles. Each type of personality can find a product within the line that suits his or her style. For texture, Scott has a few options: Glossify is good for short hair to give a light hold and texture, Switch is meant to give a soft texture change and Distinction Soft Styling Paste adds texture and creates a separated look. For brides, he’s got The Extreme; a must-use thickness enhancer to apply before blowdrying, Strict, for up-dos and Light It Up for brilliance and shine. For Latina and Middle Eastern Hair, Scott says to try Silky Sweet Shampoo or Ecstasy Shampoo for cleansing, nourishment and maximum moisture.

Glossify pomade

Before coming up with the hair line, Scott owned Salon Fontana with two locations in Las Vegas and one at the Sports Club/LA at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Boston Common. Not only has Scott run several hair salons and styled hair for celebrities, music videos, photo shoots, TV and fashion shows, he’s also a teacher. In 2006, he created an online educational program for beauty school students and professionals to teach advanced techniques. The program brought him to realize that he needed a full hair line to back up his teachings. Since he hadn’t fallen in love with any of the lines he researched, he knew what he had to do to create something that he, his clients and his students could fall in love with.

Ecstasy Shampoo

Scott is a hairstylist whose life has been pretty – badass. “I know the power of my creativity and the hand I have in improving a person’s look and overall attitude about themselves,” Scott says. He has worked as a hair stylist for the past 24 years and has made his way around the hair industry with some of its icons. As an owner of salons for the past 15 years, Scott knows what it’s like to be rich and what it’s like to be poor – and he knows what it’s like to be a rock star too. He is super cool, and his hair products are even cooler…if that’s at all possible.

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