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I fell into this whole hair business rather unexpectedly. Sure, I’ve been “into hair” for a long time. I can remember being about 13 years old when for the first time I experienced a “grown-up” hair treatment. I can see myself sitting there in my kitchen at the table with a cap on my head, my mother hovering over me with that ominous silver needle, ready to pluck out strands for a makeshift highlight job. Inevitably, anytime we did this it would result in a screaming match: me getting jabbed in the scalp (accidentally) with the needle and Mom trying to move my head every which way to get the best angle.

Looking at this picture eerily reminds me of the fingers-on-a-chalkboard like effect that the sound of pulling each strand through each hole gave me. In retrospect, the resulting color was rarely worthy of the process. But at the time, it became a necessary evil. I couldn’t simply go to school with boring hair, could I? And there was not money to send me off to the hair salon every two months for touch ups. Thus we endured. I in the pain – and sometimes botched color – and Mom in the agony of the whole process.

Today, well – today it’s a much different scene. I have had fallen into a wonderful fortune of hair treatment whereby I rarely go two months without a color treatment, I have had many popular celeb cuts, I have more hair products than I ever could have dreamed about and I have met some of the kindest, most talented hair professionals in one of the biggest and creatively prosperous cities in the world. So how did I get here? Well – as with most things in life, I sort of fell into it. As someone who had always had a passion for the beauty industry and happened to also enjoy writing, I was connected to BeautyNewsNYC and soon found myself contributing articles to the hair section. This was about a year and a half ago. One thing led to another and here I am, the section’s editor. So what, you ask? I’ll tell you.

After a solid year of experimenting with new hair products, visiting new salons, trying new styles and interviewing experts, a new website has come along in need of someone just like myself – and targeted for someone just like yourself: someone looking for the perfect product, best cut and wildest color in the Big Apple (or other cities for that matter). MopShots.com, the hair salon component to CitySearch, is all about “where you get your hair did.”

This stylish look-book of sorts is designed to showcase the best work of hair stylists and colorists who can display their work through the site by submitting photos of their clients. It also allows users to upload snapshots of themselves after receiving a super-trendy cut or color.

Here’s where I come in.

That’s me – hair looking particularly blonde – though that’s always changing!

I’ve been chosen as one of MopShots’ “Dictators.” Several other hair-savvy females across the country, along with myself, have the ability to view these snapshots submitted by users and review them. We are the consultants who will tell you whether your hair really is going to be the next chic Posh do, or the next Amy Winehouse disaster. Dictators like myself will look at the photos and select which ones will be featured on the site based on what trends we think are the most hip.

In short, this website will be yet another venue for all you BeautyNewsNYC devotees to get even more advice about what’s hot in hair. For those of you really devoted to hair trends, you won’t be able to get the same in-depth coverage you get here. But it’s certainly a fun addition to your daily blog checking. I suppose I should thank my mother for enduring those many wretched days in the kitchen and the resulting chaos when I hated my hair. It seems that was the start of a hair journey I had no idea I was beginning.

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