Let Christo Put the Curl in Your Coiffure: Get a Runway-Ready Look at Christo Fifth Avenue


The cold, harsh winter season takes a toll on our hair. So as we welcome spring, it makes sense to revitalize our tresses. All winter, I had been blow drying my hair straight and hiding it under hats and earmuffs, and knew it was time to unleash my slightly wavy hair and let it come out of hibernation. The obvious expert I needed was Christo, whose well-earned nickname is the “King of Curl.”

A warm and charming hair wizard, Christo began his career at the age of 12 as an apprentice at his family’s salon on the island of Cyprus. His 5,000 square-foot, sun-drenched midtown salon, Christo Fifth Avenue, is known to the celebrity and fashion world as one of the leading curly hair salons. Christo put me at ease immediately by explaining that at the International Beauty Show in NYC, where he had just trained 400 stylists, he had stressed the importance of educating clients about how to care for their own hair at home. He says that there are three essentials for successful styling: 1. healthy hair, 2. the right haircut for your face shape and hair texture, and 3. the right combination of products.

Christo trimmed my shoulder-length hair to clean up some scraggly ends and embrace my naturally loose curls. He uses a unique cutting technique called Diametrix, which cuts into the curls to maximize the hair texture. The next step was an intensive nourishing hair treatment, which he let bake into my hair for about 8 minutes under heat lamps. To style my hair, he methodically divided it into five sections, which makes it easier to apply products evenly and gives more definition to the curls. He applied Structura Lotion, which defines the curls and keeps them soft, by combing the lotion through my hair with his fingers and then scrunching the hair to set the waves into place.

After drying my hair with a diffuser, he completed my look with some Glow and Shine to lock in moisture, and a schpritz of Structura Finishing Hair Spray. Best of all, Christo patiently described to me all the steps he took to style my hair, so that I can try to replicate his artistry at home. He offers his own line of wonderful-smelling Curlisto® styling and finishing products, which are available at the salon.

When I saw my hair in the mirror, I was delighted and amazed. Not only had he enhanced my natural waves, but my hair looked shinier and fuller than I had thought possible. If you’re ready to treat your curls and waves to their own spring awakening, Christo’s got the magic fingers you need to have running through your hair.

For more information, visit http://www.curlisto.com
Christo Fifth Avenue
35 West 45th Street, 3rd Floor
NYC, NY 10036

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