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Mark Ryan Salon is the beautiful offspring of celebrity colorist Mark DeBolt and stylist Ryan Trygstad. It is nestled on the second floor of a former industrial building in Chelsea. Just ring the door and someone will let you in, go up in the elevator, and in a few seconds, you are there — and the new salon is stunning. It does not have the coldness you often feel entering a luxury salon with the glass and steel environment of mirrors, sinks, hard counters, large fashion posters, and black and white walls. The furnishings are in wood, inspired by minimalist Scandinavian style (both Ryan and Mark have Scandinavian roots) and enhanced by a sensual decorative touch that includes stunning wallpaper and whimsical art.

It is warm, colorful, and full of visual winks. The two owners definitely share a vivid esthetic sensibility that is both contemporary and slightly nostalgic, and on the edge but respectful of tradition. This is how they cut and style hair as well. I made it to the salon with an overgrown bob that had turned ugly with straw-like ends and a shape like a teepee. It was not flattering, and I discussed with Ryan how to go about building a new look for me.

He sized me up and examined the texture of my hair and my facial features, and we agreed that a very layered bob with soft ends would suit me best. Ryan Trygstad, who cuts Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore’s hair, knows what he is doing, as the list of A-List celebrities who trust him can attest. He can tell you immediately what your hair type or hair weight allows him to do or not, and which styles best suit certain hair density and types of facial features.

Ryan is also a lot of fun to talk to; he enjoys chatting with his clients and getting to know them, while sharing bits about his own life as well. He likes to ensure that your hair style matches your lifestyle and personality, so it will be an accurate reflection of who you are. But it is also to express real caring for his clients. The salon has a vibe of authenticity to it. There is no fake politeness or feeling of distance. The stylist is totally present in the moment with you.

Ryan Trygstad is a personality stylist, bringing out with hair the person you are — but, of course, he won’t do anything that you don’t agree with. For this reason, I loved my final bob, which was classical and structured (that’s me) but also trendy and playful (that’s me too), easy to wear in any situation, and extremely easy to maintain (that‘s definitely me). I told him that I don’t like to fuss with my hair in the morning, just get up and go! He took note of that, and I love the result, since my thick mane tends to become hard to manage in humid weather and is now superbly tamed and soft, flattering for my bone structure, and graceful. It stays in place without needing any gel or cream. Even though I left with cute mermaid waves that needed a hot tool to achieve, the cut holds up to time as it is.

Mark DeBolt and Ryan Trygstad opened the salon after very successful careers as stylists for movies and big fashion events. They both now desire a more settled life with a salon that, though coming with its own challenges, allows them to go home at night and not constantly be on the road.

The crew around us was busy cutting hair, doing color and trims in a fast-paced environment that never looked stressed or being on autopilot. All the stylists seem to enjoy what they are doing and to relate to their customers with professionalism and presence. Every customer leaving the salon becomes a walking advertisement for the real artistic touch of Mark and Ryan. Go there if you want to have the trendy looks of today — whether rocking glamorous curls, mermaid waves, or boho chic. However, if you prefer to have a favorite cut that works for you, you can get that, too. You are in good hands with this team and you will leave more than satisfied.

Services at the salon include a cut with a complimentary bang trim or hairline clean-up between regular cuts, blow dry, updos, barber haircuts, and even children’s haircuts. Color services include single process, highlights with foil or free painting, virgin double process, double process and gloss, color correction and custom color for wigs and extensions. The salon is immaculately clean and safe. Masks are optional, but everyone I saw wore one. All COVID precautions are taken.

Find more information about the salon, its founders, and the cost of services HERE.

Mark Ryan Salon
135 W 20th St, Suite 400,
New York, NY 10011
(212) 675-3600

Open every day of the week from 9am to 8pm
Saturday open 9am – 6pm.
Closed Sundays.


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