Natural Hair Care: The Proof is in the Product

After posting my last article, “At the Root of a New ‘Do,” I’ve heard many uplifted stories from others who have treaded the waters of transitioning from chemical relaxing and made it safely to the shores of healthy natural hair. But it’s easy to get submersed in a sea of suggested hair care products. It seems like everyone and his or her stylist has a “must have” pudding, potion or crème. But it’s important to know that not everything that works for others will work for your hair type, styling preference and budget.

So I started my own personal product search with a few samples from Miss Jessie’s line of products for curly, wavy and kinky hair.

Crème de la Curl Cleansing Crème

Squeaky-clean is great for dishes, but not so much for hair. This was a difficult concept for me to grasp as I prepared to use this suds-free shampoo for the first time. But the key to using a sulfate-free cleanser is to follow the directions on the bottle and thoroughly drench hair with water before shampooing. A little product actually goes a long way without stripping hair of moisture or causing excessive tangling.

Super Sweetback Treatment

If there’s one thing I’ve been told I can’t do without, it’s a good deep conditioner. Infused with shea butter, this treatment is rich and thick, with a slightly sweet fragrance. To get the most from this product, I applied a generous amount evenly throughout hair after shampooing and covered with a shower cap for about 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing. I was very impressed by how soft and easy to manage my hair was when styling. I’ve also used this product before shampooing to pre-detangle when needed.
If you splurge for the 12oz, it might seem a bit over budget, but will last you a long time.

Curly Meringue

When it comes to styling, I want my curls to last as long as possible without getting dried out and “nesty.” If the style lasts longer, there’s less manipulation involved, which cuts down on excessive damage. What I like about Curly Meringue is that it gives a good balance of hold and moistures, with nutritive ingredients like coconut, avocado and jojoba seed. Although, I will advise to be careful not to apply too much. Like many styling products, an excessive amount tends to cause build up and flaking. This product also has a distinctly fruity fragrance, which I find appealing.

Baby Buttercreme

My struggle with dry hair was one of the reasons I stopped chemically straightening it. Between the processing and lack of moisture, the damage was out of control! So you can imagine my surprise when I realized that even natural hair needs a lot of moisture. Some would say even more. The Baby Buttercreme is a daily moisturizer with mineral oil and shea butter that is gentle enough for adults and kids.

After styling my hair with Curly Meringue, I finished the look by applying Buttercreme for added moisture. This hydrating crème does the trick, leaving my curls manageable, soft and lightly scented. Another option is mixing it into other styling products to prevent drying and frizzing.

Have you tried these products? Give us your feedback on what works for you.
For more info about these products, other products in Miss Jessie’s line and styling tips, visit:

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