Naughty to Nice: Strand Solutions for the Season


We all know winter weather can take a toll on your tresses. Though holiday time is a happy one, your hair may not be feeling so fab if you’ve got a dry scalp, are suffering from static, or your locks are lackluster and limp. So here’s a little gift from us to you – the goods on some goods that are good for your ‘do!

Ah yes, the dreaded “D” word – dandruff. You’d be surprised how many people suffer from it especially during the winter. Although there is no “official” reason for the ailment, many common factors may include stress, poor diet, excessive or improper use of products or styling agents and heredity. Regardless of why we have it, what we know about dandruff is an all-around downer: itchy/inflamed scalp, flaking, sensitivity and excessive oil. And those white flakes on your little black dress? Not the best accessory you want to show off this season. But lucky for us, our pals at Redken have come up with some new products posed to solve the problem. Formulated with a new Interbond Scalp System, Dandruff Control delivers a high-dose of actives to your strands and scalp, which combined with a powerful Hydro-Zone System (consisting of lavender extract and glyercine) and Pyrithione Zinc help soothe, calm and clarify the area. Products include a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment.

Lackluster locks. Sigh. It’s hard to shine this season if your color is dull and drab. That’s why we’re grateful for TIGI Bed Head’s Brunette Goddess™ Shampoo, Conditioner and the Chocolate Head Massive Hair Repair Treatment for dark-haired ‘dos and the Dumb Blonde™ Shampoo and Reconstructor for After Highlights for fair-haired ladies. Brunette Goddess™ products are color-safe, nutrient-rich formulas that provide the ultimate in shine and smoothness to help leave hair healthy-looking and soft to the touch. The Chocolate Head is the “ultimate guilt-free indulgence” that restores and deeply conditions straw-like, damaged, and chemically treated tresses. It helps to revive shine and luster to the locks while softening and smoothing dry strands and ends. Dumb Blonde™ products provide a ton of moisture and super shine to strands while leaving them healthy and full of volume. They also shield your color from sun, smoke, pollution and chemical treatments.

Stressed-out tresses. It happens to all of us. You cut, you color, you curl. You put a boatload of product in, and then start the whole process all over again the next day. With so much activity it’s easy for strands to want to seek some sanctuary. Here’s where the goodness of Goldwell Nice Balance Calming Milk will come in handy. It offers moisture and gentle style support by providing smooth, safe control while eliminating static. It’s a great item for your hair arsenal if you want to create natural, flexible styles full of movement. Ingredients include Elastomer, Bamboo Protein, and Styling Polymers that combine to coat the hair shaft for style longevity with a strong yet flexible grip. It also reduces the appearance of sticky strands associated with some other styling products and leaves the hair shiny and super soft.

Ok. I’ll admit it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, hair spray just isn’t my thing. But even I know that no holiday hair is complete without a little hold. Strands just won’t stay in place unless you apply something to restrain them. Here’s one of my favorite answers to this coiffure conundrum: Benniefactor’s B Confident Style Spray. It feels as light as air on your hair yet provides hours of hold without leaving the locks looking or feeling wet or sticky. What’s great about this product is that when you spray it on dry hair (before or after styling), it easily brushes out quickly in case you need to revise your ‘do. You can also feel free to touch it without having it take any toll on the tresses or your hands. For more information, log on to

So you’re out a party and your strands suddenly go soft. Lifeless locks are in no way going to help you work the room. What do you do? Take a tress tip from Stila and get a hold of their Hair Refresher. Just in case you overworked your ‘do, now you can give it a little kick in the locks by applying this refreshing powder product to your roots. It enhances body to give strands a bit of boost and has the added bonus of Stila’s signature scents to make them smell sensational. The product is dispensed in just a few powder poofs of a squeezable bottle that never over-applies. It also leaves hair clean, silky and full of shine. This oil-absorbing powder won’t weigh hair down and comes in two floral flavors: Crème Bouquet (warm, vanilla-amber) and Jade Blossom (a light, cool, green tea).

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