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The pace and lifestyle of a crazed beauty editor doesn’t lend itself to much “me” time. That’s why we – contrary to popular belief – often know all about how to fix your beauty problems, but at first glance might look like we have no idea how to fix ours. Frizz, fine lines, extra pounds – they’re problems the affect all of us equally, editor or not. So this year, so as NOT to freak out about all of our beauty faux-pas, we are tackling small to-do items; New Year’s resolutions that are actually achievable, and will make us feel like a million bucks in no time. Behold, a few of our very own BeautyNewsNYC editors’ 2013 resolutions to have the best, most beautiful hair they’ve had since first grade (you know, when every girls’ hair is just awesome, no effort necessary).

Lauren Meyers, Co-Editor, Hair Care

This year, I promise to be kinder to my hair. As someone who is constantly battling dry hair as a result of coloring, I’m going to splurge on an at-home, deep-conditioning treatment this year. Something luxurious, like Kerastase’s Chronologiste, or Bumble and Bumble’s deeep. I promise to use it once a week for a little extra nourishment.

Kelly Hushin, Senior Editor

Anyone who knows me knows I am notorious for procrastinating when it comes to my hair. Ok, maybe just procrastinating in general. But with my hair, it’s the worst. I wait months, LITERALLY, months, before going to get a color touch up – and this is a girl with bleach blonde hair who should be getting root touch ups once a month for goodness sake.

So this year, I resolve to be better about hair maintenance. Regular color touch ups, regular trims, and for all that regular processing, regular deep conditioning treatments. I’ll probably turn to my friends at Pureology, who make an awesome deep conditioner called HydraCure AntiFade. And I may pepper in a bit of Goldwell, with the company’s Pure Repair 60 Second Treatment from its Dual Senses Green line of products, which make me feel good about using eco-friendly product to make my hair just a little prettier.

Candice Sabatini, Editor in Chief

Last year was such a busy year that I neglected my hair. Not enough trims from my
fave stylist Rene at Rene Salon, plus too many DIY heated styling gizmos that also took their toll on my redhead locks. I promise myself that 2013 would be my year of gorgeous hair and so along with more visits to Rene, I’m using the luxury hair products of Leonor Greyl to accomplish my mission.

Before washing my hair I apply Huile De Palme to the bottom four inches of my shoulder length hair and leave it in at least 10 minutes. Then I shampoo with the dreamiest smelling shampoo I’ve ever used, Shampooing Reviviscence. It contains amino acids from sea lavender, vitamins B&C and other repairing ingredients that make my hair look and feel super healthy and glossy. Twice a month I’ll skip the huile and instead use Masque Quintessence, which is incredible for dehydrated hair and hair damaged by too much heat styling and chemical processes. Unlike most other hair masques, this one can be applied on dry hair before shampooing, which saves time. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes before shampooing and be ready to have the healthiest, shiniest looking hair ever thanks to cupuacu and manketti oils. After blow-drying, I use a little Eclat Natural Styling Cream on the ends which gives a finished non-flyaway look.

Maybe with such great looking hair no one will notice that my promise to lose ten pounds is not so easy to keep. Shhh…

Yasmin Jorge, Co-Editor, City Pulse

I promise to spend more time to tame my unruly mane. WHY? Because my hair tends to be on the dry side and frizz like no one’s biz.

I was introduced to RUSK products during New York Fashion Week and really love the company’s styling products. Specifically, I’ve been using RUSK Designer’s Collection W8Lless Multi-Leave-in Treatment and str8, both terrific for frizz control, detangling and even moisturizing.

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