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There’s been such a variety of hairstyles on the runways and in the trendy photo shoots this spring – the choices are more varied than ever! This season, we can choose from: ponytails that are sexy-messy or sophisticated-sleek, worn either high or low; braids of Dutch, French, fishtail and waterfall varieties (for the not-so-nimble fingered, braid bars are opening up all around town and their stylists will twist your locks into perfection); the big bang theory – it’s not on the fringe anymore – it’s the mane theme for many, including moi!

Amid these styles, I had to know, and share with you, which ones the “Beauty Girls” – my comrades in cosmetics –will be rocking this Spring and Summer. So without further adieu…

Dina Fierro

I’m not sure if it’s the runway influence, or if I simply spent too much time watching The Sound of Music as a child, but either way, this spring is ALL about the BRAID. Truth be told, I lack the eye-hand coordination to get as creative as some of the girls seen on my Mane Inspiration board on Pinterest, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Even simple plaits are appropriate for day or night, and can take your look from boho to sophisticate in a snap. For added staying power, apply a bit of Dove’s Style + Care Strength & Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray for texture prior to braiding – it adds just the right amount of grip to keep slippery strands like mine in check.

Bryce Gruber
The Luxury Spot

I love the messy look when it comes to hair, because it’s surprisingly chic when it’s paired with sophisticated and well thought out makeup. Summer hair is all about ease, comfort, and weather-resistance. I LOVE Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray to add a little texture and volume without all the weird, flaky stuff that a lot of sprays leave. And, as a curly-haired gal I tend to steer clear of anything bang-related, because frankly, I’ll just end up looking like a confused poodle rather than a glam Mad Men gal.

Aly Walansky
A Little Alytude

I’m all about sleek straight – it’s what I’ve always aspired to, though (I blame being born with a mess of curls) it has nothing to with the season – excited to be on trend though! Likewise, though, I’m steering far clear of bangs. In my experience, they ONLY lead to drama as they grow out…or in!

Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift both often dabble in the straight hair look (though neither of their hair is naturally straight), and at the Grammy awards, Kelly Osbourne had a much more relaxed, straight style…very different than how we see her elsewhere often.

Amber Katz
Beauty Blogging Junkie

I always love a long, sweeping bang for summer because I still look like I have a “style” even if my hair is up in a ponytail. I’m also loving John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Sheer Mist. I’m growing my hair longer and I find this heat spray mends my ends like nothing else. I spray it on damp hair before blowing it out loosely and then styling with the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver.

Gail Worley

I started dyeing my entire head of hair pink in 1997, but after three years I found it too labor intensive to continue, so I then changed to a pink tip, which I like with my natural blonde hair. Back then, when pink was too radical, I could hide the pink tips in my bun and appear all blonde. I use Manic Panic in shades of raspberry or magenta, and on occasion, deep cherry or purple just to switch things up. I do a touch-up about every two to three weeks. So while unusual colored hair is a big trend this season, it’s been a trademark of mine for over a decade, just because I’m so super fond of the color pink.

Kelly Hushin

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had hair this long. In fact, my pic there is a tad deceptive – add about 6 inches to that hair there and that’s where I’m at of late. Do I like it? Sometimes I’m in love, but I’m feeling like the summer will be a prime time for change. I see a lot of ladies sporting long locks, and I have an inkling they’ll be gone as the humidity and heat rolls in. So I’d say look for shorter crops as the weather warms, and expect chunkier colors as the pros start to move away from the traditional painting and foils you’re used to at your bi-monthly highlighting session.

If you’re going to keep it long, go with the wave as it’s inevitably going to come with the wet air (unless you’re pin straight – lucky!) Try products like ARROJO Styling Whip or Borghese’s Milan Volumizing Mousse to give bounce. If you’re tired of the long hair maintenance and plan to chop it off, these will work too, or try something a little more pliable like Shu Uemura Yokan Craft paste for texture on a newly shortened style. Still on the fence about which route I’ll be going.

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