Now That’s Romantic: Valentine’s Day Hair Prep


When you think of romantic hair, do you think of the movies…the Renaissance era…a wedding? Whimsical and free flowing with a couple of sun kissed pieces filtered in, that’s what I think of. In today’s world, how does hair stay romantic (just in time for V-Day mind you) and yet cutting edge and on trend? I sourced out the première expert for this sort of thing, Martyn Duff-Creative Director at Sassoon Salon. As a Vidal visionary, I naturally assumed he would have the answer. The Vidal Sassoon Salon has always been known as the trend setters for cuts that were liner and asymmetrical in nature. How does that translate into a more natural, romantic look? His goal using me as an example; was to give me a multi-layer cut to attain shape and balance. Mr. Duff had remarked that he “Aims to achieve a softer look with more movement.” To have hair nailed down into place via strong hold hairspray or excessive product defeats the purpose. For a romantic look we need to focus on the right product to enhance our hair to do what it does best, in its own natural way. Listed below are several items I recommend that will prep you for the perfect pose!

Sassoon Salon
Martyn Duff-Creative Director
Address: 32 W 18th St
New York, NY 10011
Phone: (212) 229-2200

*Images curiosity of Sassoon Salon: Picture above features Martyn using his cutting techniques on a model during an academy class.


Extend Magnetics
The Redken team just this month (maybe a bit inspired by V-Day perhaps) launched the Color Extend Magnetics family of products. When I say family, I mean it. The line works together seamlessly to keep color in check and unbelievably soft. The MegaMask specifically, took just under a minute to flip my frizz into soft, supple, healthy strands! This system is urgent care for hair. Products contain amino-ions to seal in color and RTC protein complex.
Price: Shampoo $19.00, Conditioner $20.00 and mask $29.00
Available at:


Color Fanatic Instant Deep Conditioning Mask
This is my go-to treatment when I need that perfect hair that last all day, yet I don’t have all day to fix it. No fuss, no muss this mask is ideal when you are pressed for time and can’t possibly devote even a moment to your flat iron or hours with your blowout brush. The mask somehow knows the secret to getting my hair to behave; no tools needed…except the blow dryer. You can’t walk out with wet hair, it is winter!
Product created with Fennel Seed extract and a natural blend of camellia, coconut and olive oil. With 21 essential benefits, what more do you need?
Price: $44.00
Available at:

Matrix Biolage RAW

With all the heat tools, environmental damage, dry air and hours in the subway every week, (let’s not kid ourselves- that has to affect your hair) your locks need a day at the spa. RE-HAB CLAY MASK is just the trick. RAW items such as RE-HAB were created with 70-100% of natural origin formulas. This product was made with honeycomb and kaolin clay to rebuild strength and condition stressed out hair. Leave on for 5 minutes once-twice a week and your hair is satiny soft again.
Price: $30.00
Available at:

Matrix Biolage

Exquisite Oil Protective Treatment
What I found in this product is-well everything. I use it as a fixing product. After blow dry when you have a few frizzys sticking out, after the gym when one piece just won’t stay put, when I notice my hair getting a little tangled. Basically whenever I need damage control, it’s my hair’s first aid kit. The product was created with a Moringa oil blend to provide non-sticky, non-greasy, lightweight replenishment.
Price: $22.00
Available at:


Couture Styling Matérialiste
This takes my fine hair and amplifies each strand. The formula was created to give added mass and density to each hair fiber. It feels so full and thick it’s like I almost added extensions. Just spray on while hair is damp and blow dry. Makes hair so much easier to style!
Price: $37.00
Available at: www.


Couture Styling V.I.P.
If you’re like me and have volume issues-meaning you have none; you live for that extra body boost during the day. The product creates texture, volume and hold like no other. V.I.P. gets you ready to go from work to that hot event you have been waiting all week for.
Price: $37.00
Available at: www.


Blowout Babe Interchangeable Thermal Brush
Some ladies are a slave to the blowout brush or they use a large curling iron or flat iron to create smooth or wavy hair. That was me before this tool. I actually used all three methods on and off which was incredibly time consuming and frustrating to do without your stylist present. This hot tool is so easy to use for waves or smoothing! It now takes me around five minutes to run all through my hair and create the same effect a flat iron would do in 20 minutes. I was initially worried that it would pull on my already fine hair as most round brushes do, but I felt zero resistance- no tug or pull and not one strand of hair left in the brush when I was finished. Now it’s the only hot tool sitting on my vanity.
The thermal ceramic barrels emit far-infrared heat and negative ions for faster, healthier styling.
Product comes with three different brush sizes for interchangeable style and use.
Price: $150.00
Available at:

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