One Scalp Treat That’s Sooo Satisfying

Yikes—am I the only one who hasn’t been exfoliating their scalp?

When I first heard about Eva NYC’s Deeptox Exfoliating Salt Shampoo, I could imagine the gritty suds invigorating my scalp the same way a nice, rigorous massage does. And indeed, the coarse sea salt crystals give an energizing boost to my shower routine while they slough off old skin cells and amp up circulation. The formula also includes antioxidant and anti-inflammatory pomegranate extract to purify and witch hazel to clarify and balance oil (an awesome benefit if you’re into skipping a few shampoos throughout the week). The scent reminds me of Pink Sugar, a vanilla-meets-cotton candy fragrance I used to stock up on at Sephora.

For being free of sulfates, I was impressed and surprised by how sudsy the shampoo gets, which is nice because it still feels like a shampoo and not just a scrub. The down side to that is that with my long hair, it’s tough to get the exfoliant past the crown of my head and onto the part of my scalp beneath my long stands (you’ll probably have to work in sections and apply more product). I also tried Deeptox as a cleansing body scrub as they suggest, but found the suds and exposure to water dissolves the salt quicker than I’m able to scrub. Hey, not everyone is good at multitasking, and I’m not mad at it.

All in all—it’s a keeper and it smells delish. $12 at

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